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Can you play on Duelbits from the USA despite country restrictions? Duelbits VPN Overview

If you are visiting Duelbits or any similar casino from a blocked country such as England or the USA, you may have encountered an error message telling you that players from your country are prohibited from signing up.

More specifically: "Due to our gambling license, Duelbits does not accept players from your country".

The Problem

The USA, UK and Australia amongst others, restrict offshore online casinos, which disallows licensed casinos like Duelbits from letting you sign up.

Although, there is a potential solution including VPN usage, which we will elaborate further in this brief article.

Where is Duelbits blocked?

According to Duelbits' terms of service, players from the following countries are not allowed to sign up on Duelbits:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Denmark, France, Netherlands
  • Malta, Aruba, St. Maarten, Singapore, Bonaire, Statia, Saba, Curacao

You may have already noticed that most social media partners of the Duelbits casino are located in countries that theoretically prohibit online gambling.

This is due to the reason that even though online gambling is restricted, most countries do not have strict enforcements of their online gambling regulations. Especially since it is near to impossible to track all cryptocurrency payments.

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VPN on Duelbits

The only way to access Duelbits from a blocked country like the UK or USA is by using a VPN at ones' own risk.

Below you can find the fastest VPN activation guide for your current browser, in case there is one available.

A VPN masks your IP address and gives you the opportunity to choose any IP-location of your choice.

Since many countries deal with restrictions on licensed casinos like Duelbits, it is common for players in the casino space to access casinos by using a VPN.

Yet, even though many players from blocked countries use a VPN to access Duelbits successfully, VPNs are theoretically prohibited on Duelbits. Therefore, you should only take further action at your own risk.

The embedded VPN Guide on this page is unrelated to any specific website. We do not advise you to use a VPN in order to bypass restrictions of any 3rd party website, and do cannot guarantee that it is allowed. Only use VPNs at fully your own risk.

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Duelbits VPN Disadvantages

Even though the large majority of users plays on Duelbits using a VPN without any problems, one has to remember that there are potential risks that come with accessing Duelbits using a VPN.

As stated in Duelbit's terms, both using a VPN as well as accessing Duelbits from blocked countries violates Duelbits terms of service, which gives the Duelbits team the right to terminate or block your account in the very worst case.

Also, if you would be asked to verify your identity on Duelbits, there would be no other option than revealing your true location or giving up any funds you had left in your account since you wouldn't be able to withdraw any funds until you verified yourself.

To mitigate these risks, there are many alternative casinos that allow VPN usage, such as Rollbit or Stake. Since these casinos do not explicitly prohibit VPN usage in their terms of service, it would be smarter to rather play on one of those.

Both Rollbit and Stake have an equally great player rewarding system as Duelbits, but on the other hand are very less likely to terminate your account because of VPN usage.


Using VPNs in order to access blocked casinos is a tricky matter. Some casinos are very tolerant with VPNs, while others are quite the opposite.

As Duelbits specifically prohibits VPN usage in their terms of service, Duelbits may be able to terminate your account in case they find out that you are using a VPN to access their site from a blocked country.

On the other hand, there are many public figures from the US and UK who play on Duelbits, while obviously using a VPN in order to access the site. These players apparently never experienced any kind of problems while using a VPN on Duelbits for many months.

In order to decide whether you should use a VPN to access Duelbits, you should consider whether it's worth risking losing your Duelbits account in the very worst case.

You may want to consider using some alternatives to the Duelbits casino that seem to be more tolerant with VPN usage.

VPN Friendly Duelbits Alternatives

In case you are looking for a legitimate casino alternative to Duelbits that allows using VPNs on their platform, consider the Stake or Rollbit casino. These casinos, other than Duelbits, do not explicitly disallow VPN usage on their platform.

Another popular gambling alternative for players from restricted countries is the loot-box opening platform Hypedrop, which accepts players from all over the world.

Although, keep in mind that even though some casinos are considered 'VPN friendly', accessing them from restricted countries may still lead to potential problems since it violates their terms of service indirectly. Hence, some of the same potential risks may apply.

Able to access Duelbits?

In case your country is not blocked from accessing Duelbits, consider signing up on Duelbits and claiming a free crypto duel gift that lets you try out Duelbits for totally free with raw balance! 🎁

If you want to find out more about Duelbits, consider reading our detailed review of Duelbits!


Can you use a VPN on duelbits?

Most players from the USA or UK use a VPN on duelbits without a problem, even though it is formally prohibited.

Play on Duelbits in the US?

Unfortunately the USA is restricted from accessing Duelbits. In this article we elaborate this problem and potential solutions.

Is Duelbits allowed in Canada?

Yes, according to Duelbits' terms of service, players from Canada are allowed to access and gamble on Duelbits!

Is Duelbits allowed in Europe?

According to Duelbits' ToS, all European countries except UK, Denkmark, France, Netherlands and Malta are allowed to access Duelbits!

Where is Duelbits blocked?

Currently, Duelbits' terms of service state that players from Australia, USA, UK, Denmark, France, Malta, The Netherlands and Singapore amongst others are not allowed to gamble on Duelbits.