Rollbit to airdrop RLB tokens

Rollbit to airdrop RLB tokens


RLB Airdrop Guide: How to participate in Rollbit's $RLB Airdrop

After successfully launching their own Rollbot NFT collection with incredible utility, the Rollbit casino is now airdropping free $RLB tokens to all Rollbot holders as well as new players.

In this brief guide we will explain how to participate in Rollbit's $RLB airdrop, even if you do not own a Rollbot NFT, as well as important deadlines and facts about the $RLB aidrop.

What is the RLB Token?

Before heding into the $RLB airdrop details, we'd like to explain what Rollbit's $RLB token is:

$RLB is the new utility token of the Rollbit casino, which is deployed on the Solana blockchain and has a maximum supply of 5 Billion, from which the majority will be distributed in the official $RLB airdrop.

The first major usecase of the $RLB token is the ability to participate in daily real-money raffles with a total of 100 winners that reach up to $20.000 every single day. You can participate in the daily raffles by simply staking your $RLB tokens on

There are many new utility features to come for the $RLB token, as the casino space is very versatile and allows for invention of real monetary utility which the public is yet unaware of, which makes it clear that the $RLB airdrop may be one of those crypto opportunities one would not want to miss.

rlb airdrop token raffle

RLB Airdrop Overview

Rollbit's $RLB airdrop will happen throughout December 2021 and is not restricted to holders of Rollbot NFTs, which allows even new users to participate.

You can claim $RLB airdrops throughout December through the following ways:

  • Own a Rollbot NFT and claim an amount of $RLB depending on your Rollbot's eye trait rarity

  • Register here on Rollbit and claim 100-20.000 $RLB tokens daily by completing Rollbit's Christmas Calendar challenges

  • Refer a Friend to Rollbit during December and receive 100.000 $RLB if he completes Rollbit's Christmas Calendar Challenges

As expected, all Rollbot NFT owners will be able to claim the biggest airdrop of $RLB depending on the rarity of their Rollbot's eye-trait.

In case you own one or more Rollbots, simply deposit them to your Rollbit account, and navigate to 'NFT', 'Manage Rollbots' and 'Portfolio'. Once the date for your Rollbot's eye trait has come, you will be able to press a glowing green button which will credit your account with the corresponsing $RLB amount and stake your Rollbot until January.

In case you do not have a Rollbot yet, you can deposit Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana and buy one on Rollbit's own NFT Marketplace with 0 fees.

The following graphic shows an overview of the dates at which Rollbot owners with according eye-trait rarities will be able to claim their $RLB airdrop on

rollbot rlb airdrop

RLB Airdrop without a Rollbot

Rollbit doesn't exclude users who do not own Rollbot NFTs from the airdrop, as every single person with an account on can take part in Rollbit's Christmas Calendar with daily challanges that each reward you with 100-3200 $RLB or even a free Rollbot NFT in case you are lucky!

These challenges usually include playing some specific casino game on Rollbit, so you will most likely need to top up your Rollbit balance with at least a small amount such as $10.

Considering that these challenges do not require you to play with high amounts, this is a great way to participate in the $RLB airdrop for absolutely free.

Every day at 00:00 UTC a new challenge with $RLB rewards appears, and you can even complete the challenges retrospectively throughout the entirety of December 2021 in case you have missed them until now.

rlb airdrop without rlb

When does the RLB Aidrop End?

The $RLB airdrop officially ends on January 1st 2021, which means that each Rollbot owner must have claimed his $RLB rewards on until then.

Until January 1st, you have time to purchase a Rollbot from either OpenSea or Rollbit's own NFT marketplace and claim the Rollbot's corresponsing $RLB airdrop as described above.

You can be sure that every single Rollbot on any marketplace is still eligible for the $RLB airdrop, since all Rollbots get locked until January after their owner has claimed his $RLB airdrop.


The $RLB airdrop seems very promising, as it is a continuation of the Rollbit casino expanding into the crypto and NFT space, which they have already been highly successfull at with their own NFT collection called 'Rollbots'.

Rollbit keeps inventing new ways to create real monetary utility for gamblers as well as non-gamblers, which leads to amazing prospects for the future of the $RLB token as well as the Rollbot NFTs and their price appreciation.

The $RLB airdrop could possibly even be a 100-1000x airdrop with the ability for everyone to participiate for absolutely free, which is rarely seen in the crypto space.

If you would like to find out more about the Rollbit casino before participating in the $RLB airdrop, consider reading our highly detailed Rollbit review!


When is the $RLB airdrop?

The RLB airdrop is happening from Dec 1st until January 1st of 2021.

How to participate in $RLB airdrop?

In order to claim your RLB airdrop, you either need to stake a Rollbot NFT, or complete Rollbits Christmas calendar.

Claim $RLB airdrop without Rollbot?

Even if you do not have a Rollbot NFT, you can participate in Rollbit's RLB airdrop by refering a friend to Rollbit, or completing on-site challanges on

What is $RLB token?

RLB is a Solana utility token of the crypto casino Rollbit, which e.g. lets you participate in daily raffles of around $20.000.