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Can you play on Rollbit from the US? Rollbit VPN Overview

You may have come across an error message telling you that players from your country are being restricted, when accessing Rollbit from countries such as England or the USA.

More specifically, the error message: " is unavailable in your country".

The Problem

Amongst others, the USA as well as the UK mostly restrict offshore online gambling, which forces licensed casinos to block players from these countries from accessing their casinos.

But, there is a potential solution that invloves VPN usage, which we will discuss further in this brief article.

Where is Rollbit blocked?

According to Rollbit's terms of service, players from the following countries are not allowed to access the Rollbit casino:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain
  • Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Saba, St Maarten, Statia,

You may be wondering why most of Rollbit's social media partners are located in these countries and do not get in trouble. The reason for that is that most countries do not strictly enforce these online gambling regulations, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency gambling, which is the case with Rollbit.

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VPN on Rollbit

The only way to access Rollbit from a restricted country like the USA or UK is by using a VPN.

You can find the fastest way to activate a VPN within seconds on your current browser below, which you can follow at your own risk.

Your VPN makes your IP look like you're located in the specified region of your choice, which eventually would let you access any website without any restrictions.

As of today, Rollbit does not mention VPN usage in their terms of service, hence using a VPN on Rollbit is not explicitly prohibited and apparently being tolerated. For a fact, many official Rollbit representatives use a VPN and publicly state that VPN usage on Rollbit is allowed.

While a VPN lets you access Rollbit, keep in mind that you cannot formally bypass an online gambling restriction in your country. Also, even though VPN usage seems to be allowed on Rollbit, it does not mean that it's officially allowed to use a VPN in order to bypass country restrictions.

The embedded VPN Guide on this page is unrelated to any specific website. We do not advise you to use a VPN in order to bypass restrictions of any 3rd party website, and do cannot guarantee that it is allowed. Only use VPNs at fully your own risk.

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Potential VPN Risks

Even though Rollbit does not explicitly disallow VPN usage and a great majority of users have no problems at all using a VPN, there are potential downsides to using a VPN on Rollbit from restricted countries such as England or the USA, since it indirectly violates Rollbit's country restriction terms:

As Rollbit blocks access from certain regions, they have the right to terminate your account in case you would reveal your real location, which in the very worst case could happen if the Rollbit team insisted on it.

Another possible concern is if Rollbit should ever ask you to verify your identity - which is rather unlikely but still possible - which would force you to reveal your real location and could possibly lead to a justified account termination.

Although, it's hard to tell whether your true location is the one of your IP address or not, so account termination based on IP addresses in itself is also a very tricky topic and not guaranteed to happed. Also, these probability of these risks actually happening is quite low.

As you can see, VPN usage by itself on Rollbit does not seem to be problematic, but using a VPN in order to bypass restricted countries, which violates Rollbit's terms of service, should be considered twice and only done at one's own risk.


Using VPNs to access websites from restricted countries, especially in the casino scene, is a very tricky matter.

Unlike most casinos, Rollbit seems to be very tolerant with VPNs, as they do not disallow VPN usage in their terms of service and even publicly state that VPNs are allowed in order to 'protect (their) users privacy'.

We personally know many people from the USA who play on Rollbit using a VPN, and they never got in any kind of trouble, which is a good indictaor.

Before considering accessing Casinos such as Rollbit by using a VPN, you should do some research to find out whether your country strictly enforces their gambling regulations, read Rollbit's most up to date terms of service and decide whether you are willing to risk losing deposited funds if things should go wrong.

In the end, while VPNs by itself are being tolerated by Rollbit, it is formally not allowed to access Rollbit by using a VPN from restricted countries. Hence, you should only consider using VPNs on Rollbit at your own risk.

Able to access Rollbit?

If your country is not restricted from accessing Rollbit, consider signing up and start farming Rollbit's famous crypto rewards!

In case you want to find out more about features, facts, conditions and tips on Rollbit, consider reading our fully featured Rollbit review.


Can you play on Rollbit in the US?

Players from the USA are restricted from accessing Rollbit. In this article we elaborate this problem and potential solutions.

Can you play on Rollbit in Canada?

Yes, according to Rollbit's terms of service, players from Canada are allowed to sign up and gamble on Rollbit!

Can you play on Rollbit in Europe?

According to Rollbit's ToS, all European countries except UK, Denkmark, France, Netherlands and Spain are allowed to access Rollbit!

Where is Rollbit blocked?

According to Rollbit's ToS, players from The UK, USA, Australia, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain amongst others are not allowed to access Rollbit.

Can you use a VPN on Rollbit?

Since VPN usage is not directly mentioned in Rollbit's terms of service, you can conclude that VPN usage on Rollbit is being tolerated. Although, you should contact a support agent to be sure.