Rollbit Launches Rollbot NFTs

Rollbit Launches Rollbot NFTs


Rollbot NFT Sale is starting soon: Rollbot Presale, Deadlines and Features

As the first known online casino, Rollbit officially takes a big leap into the NFT space by launching their unique collection of the Rollbot NFTs, which will play a very important role for the future of the Rollbit casino.

The Rollbot NFTs are not only visually appealing, but also have lots of beneficial utility on the Rollbit casino, which we will discuss further in this post.

As the presale date October 14th 2021 keeps getting closer and getting into the Rollbot NFT presale on Rollbit's Discord is not as trivial as expected, we will present you an overview of the most important features, the presale, including countries like the USA or UK, as well as deadlines of the Rollbot NFT drop.

What are Rollbots?

Rollbots are the offical NFTs of the Rollbit casino's first NFT collection, consisting of 10,000 unique ERC-721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Rollbot NFT comes with an amazing artwork as well as exceptional utility, since the ownership of a Rollbot NFT grants you a VIP status on the Rollbit casino, that comes with very beneficial perks.

The Rollbot NFTs will play an increasingly important role as utility tokens for the Rollbit casino, as Rollbit looks to further expand into the crypto and NFT space which will create more use-cases for Rollbots.

Because of this real-world utility that gives each individual Rollbit monetary value, you can expect many players of the Rollbit casino paying remarkable amounts of money in order to grab their hands on a Rollbot NFT, which will most likely lead to a great price appreciation just based on the utility itslef.

rollbot nft overview

Rollbots Presale and Prices

The Rollbot presale starts on October 14th, where 2,000 of the total 10,000 Rollbots are going to be sold for $500 each, which is a 50% price reduction in comparison to the public sale price of $1000.

In order to be eligible for the Rollbot presale, one has to join Rollbit's Discord, reach level 3 by engaging with the community in the chat and invite at least 3 people to the Discord.

Since there probably is going to be an exceeded fixed limit of presale participants, the Rollbit team will select the participants from all eligible users based on criteria such as quality of chat messages and level.

When you get selected for the Rollbot NFT presale, your Rollbit account will be able to access the presale page on the 14th of October, from where you will be able to buy up to 3 Rollbots with on-site balance and withdraw them to your wallets.

Since participants actually have to engage with the Rollbit Discord community a bit in order to join the presale, there will be barely any spam accounts, which will make buying a Rollbot NFT from the presale not as hard as seen at the sales of many other NFT projects.

Rollbit will buy back each Rollbot NFT within a 30 day period for the full purchasing price, so there is no risk in buying a Rollbot NFT in case you are still indecisive.

Rollbot Presale for USA

As Rollbit is officially a casino, and hence is blocked in countries such as the USA, it is arguably questionable whether the USA, Great Britain and other blocked countries will be able to participate in the Rollbot presale and public sale.

Since NFTs themselves are not associated with gambling, it is very conceivable that Rollbit will lift country restrictions for the NFT sale, which will allow users from blocked countries such as the USA to purchase Rollbot NFTs.

More details on participating in the Rollbot presale from the USA, UK etc. are going to be announced on this Discord from Rollbit in the near future, so make sure to join and actively follow it.

In case you would like to find out more about country restrictions on Rollbit, consider reading this article from us.

How to buy a Rollbot NFT

Besides the Rollbot presale on October 14th, there is going to be a public sale where another 7,000 Rollbots are going to be sold for a fixed price of $1000.

Both the pre- and public sale are going to be launched on the Rollbit casino's offical website, where the pre-minted NFTs will be available for purchase with Rollbit on-site balance.

Hence, one has to deposit either Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin to his Rollbit account before the sales start in order to be able to buy a Rollbot NFT right in time.

After successfully purchasing a Rollbot NFT, it will appear in your Rollbit NFT inventory and will be withdrawable to your Ethereum wallet from there.

All Rollbots will already be pre-minted, so you will not have to pay for Ethereum's high minting fees.

A step-by-step Rollbot buying guide is going to be released on the official Rollbit Discord probably a few days before the presale starts.

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Rollbot NFT Utility

As mentioned, the Rollbot NFTs are not only amazing visual artworks, but also offer real-world utility on the Rollbit casino.

Each Rollbot NFT grants the owner a VIP status on Rollbit, and a handful of amazing other perks, such as:

  • Higher Rakebacks & Rewards
  • Access to future Airdrops
  • Partaking in Profits generated from Rollbot Casino Games
  • Permanent Ticket(s) for a regular Money Lottery on Rollbit
  • Ability to create and profit from your own Rollbot Gambling Games

It's not hard to see that the Rollbot NFTs' utility creates real monetary value since day one, and will be very beneficial and lucrative for all gamblers on the Rollbit casino.

This constantly growing utility will most likely drive the Rollbot prices very high, as Rollbit continues grow.

Rollbot NFT Price Prediction

Because there is a fixed amount of 10,000 Rollbots and a constantly growing amount of high-ballers on Rollbit, who regularly wager millions of Dollars, it is quite obvious that the price of Rollbots will continue to grow as Rollbit itself grows.

Given that, a Rollbot NFT can be seen as a Rollbit Stock, since its value is deeply coupled to Rollbit's performance as a casino.

This depicts very good long-term prospects, since Rollbit has been one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency casinos in 2021, as Rollbit continuously releases innovative features that attract countless of gamblers in the casino scene.

Hence, it is not far fetched to predict a price of firstly around $2000 and $3000, and eventually even $4000-$8000 purely based off the utility that each Rollbot NFT provides.

Once Rollbit continues to grow and expand into the crypto and NFT ecosystem by launching their own NFT platform, Rollbots could gain remarkable appreciation from NFT collectors.

In case the Rollbot NFTs manage to not only attract gamblers with their utility, but also NFT collectors in general, there obviously would be barely any price limit for Rollbot NFTs, as seen with projects like Crypto Punks or Bored Apes.

Rollbot Giveaways

In case you do not want to buy a Rollbot NFT yourself, there are plenty of giveaways on the Rollbit Discord as well as on Rollbits Twitter account that you can join for absolutely free.

Rollbit reserved 100 pre-mined Rollbot NFTs purely for giveaways, and announced a teaser of rewarding active Discord members with great prizes, which could also include free Rollbot NFTs.

Since Rollbit has always shown itself as very generous, it is really worth getting active on Rollbit's official Discord to not miss any free Rollbot NFT drops and rewards.


When is the Rollbot NFT presale?

The Rollbot NFT presale starts on October 14th on the offical Rollbit casino website.

How much do Rollbot NFTs cost?

You can purchase a Rollbot NFT for $500 at the presale and for $1000 at the public sale

How many Rollbots are minted?

There are only 10,000 Rollbots that have been minted, and there won't be any more minted for now.

Access Rollbots presale from USA?

Yes, the USA and other blocked countries will be able to participate in the Rollbot presale. More information can be found on Rollbit's Discord soon.

Where to buy Rollbot NFTs?

The Rollbot NFTs can be bought from the public sale at the Rollbit casino's website.