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Roobet VPN walkthrough 2021

After seeing many American influencers play on the Roobet casinos, users get especially confused when they see a message telling them that Roobet isn't available in their region.

More precisely: "Sorry, Roobet isn't available in your region" and "Due to our gaming license, we cannot accept players from your jurisdiction".

Why is the US blocked on Roobet?

Roobet has a Curacao Gaming casino license which prohibits Roobet from accepting users from certain regions, such as the USA, that have restrictions on online offshore gambling.

Yet, there is a solution how one can still access Roobet from restricted regions such as the USA or UK by using a VPN, which will be explained further in this short guide.

Where is Roobet blocked?

According to Roobet's most up to date terms of service, users from the following countries are restricted from accessing Roobet.

  • Australia
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Luxembourg
  • Iran, Israel, Iraq, Malta, Ethiopia, Syria & more

It may be very confusing why regions such as the USA or UK are restricted, yet most offical partners of Roobet are located in these exact regions.

These sponsors, as well as many other regular players, use a VPN in order to access Roobet from blocked countries. They mostly do not get in trouble because most regions do not stricly enforce their gambling regulations.

roobet vpn usa

You can find all relevant information in Roobet's terms of service section.

VPN on Roobet

The only possible way to gamble on Roobet from a blocked country is by using a VPN.

Below you can find a short VPN guide for your current browser, which you can make use of at your own risk.

A VPN replaces your real IP address with an address of your choice, and thus hides your true location.

Most users from restricted regions use a VPN to access Roobet and have not experienced any issues so far.

Although, it is important to notice that even though Roobet doesn't seem to be strict about VPN usage and allows their offical partners to use one, using a VPN is formally prohibited according to Roobet's terms of service.

The VPN Guide displayed on this page is unrelated to any specific website. We do not advise you to use a VPN in order to bypass restrictions of any 3rd party website, and do cannot guarantee that it is allowed. Only use VPNs at fully your own risk.

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VPN Disadvantages on Roobet

Even though the Opera VPN is totally free and limitless, there are some restriction related drawbacks that come with using a VPN to access Roobet from restricted countries.

One cannot forget, that even though Roobet seems to be tolerant with VPN usage, they explicitly state that VPN usage is prohibited in their ToS. Hence, Roobet has a valid reason to terminate your account in the very worst case or even freeze your balance.

Another obvious issue is that Roobet requires you to enter basic personal information, such as your Name and Address, after signing up. This would obviously force you to enter false information in order to access Roobet.

This is one of the most relevant reasons why we advise you to play on a more VPN-friendly casino such as Rollbit or Stake. Both Rollbit and Stake also restrict certain regions, but do not require you to enter personal data and do not prohibit VPN usage on their casinos.


Many players and offical Roobet partners use a VPN in order to access Roobet without considering the risks and alternatives.

One should be very cautious with VPN usage on Roobet since it violates their terms of service and hence may lead to an account termination in the worst case.

We would assess that using a VPN cautiously on Roobet is possible without any issues. As long as you do not attract attention with suspicious behavior, you shouldn't get in trouble.

Although, we would rather advise you to choose a more VPN-friendly casino, that doesn't explicitly prohibit VPN usage and does not require you to enter your personal information, such as the Rollbit or Stake casino.

Able to access Roobet?

If your country is not being restricted from accessing Roobet, consider claiming our signup reward that instantly boosts your Roowards to level 1 and allows you to start caliming daily, weekly and monthly crypto refills right away! 🎁

If you want to find out more details about the Roobet casino, read our detailed Roobet Review!


Can you play on Roobet in Canada?

Yes, according to Roobet's terms of service, all users from Canada are allowed to sign up and gamble on the Roobet casino!

Can you play Roobet in the US?

Players from the USA are unfortunately blocked from accessing and gambling on Roobet. In this article, we elaborate potential solutions.

Can you play on Roobet in Europe?

Yes, most countries in Europe except the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and France amongst others, are allowed to play on Roobet!

Can you play on Roobet in Switzerland?

No, users from Switzerland cannot access Roobet without using a VPN.

Can you use a VPN on Roobet?

According to Roobet's offical terms, VPN usage is unfortunately unwelcome. Yet, many players as well as offical Roobet sponsors use a VPN in order to access Roobet.

Why is Roobet blocked in the US?

Since Roobet has a valid casino license and most US states prohibit offshore online gambling, Roobet cannot accept players from the USA due to regulations.