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Can you play on Stake from the US despite country restrictions? Stake VPN Overview

After trying to play on the Stake casino, you may have encountered an error message telling you that players from your region are blocked from accessing Stake.

More specifically: "Sorry, Stake isn't available in your region" and "Due to our gaming license, we cannot accept players from United States".

The Problem

Amongst other countries and states, the USA mostly restricts offshore online gambling, which forces licensed casinos such as Stake to restrict access from players located in these countries.

Yet, there is a way you can still access casinos such as Stake by using a VPN, which will be elaborated further in this short article.

Where is Stake blocked?

As stated in Stake's official terms of service, players from the following countries are limited from accessing the Stake casino:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia
  • Iran, Korea, Serbia, Syria

As you may notice, many of Stakes official social media partners are located in either the USA or UK, even though these countries have offshore online gambling restrictions.

This is due to the reasons, that most of these countries do not strictly enforce their online gambling regulations. Especially when it comes to online cryptocurrency gambling.

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VPN On Stake

The only way to access the Stake casino from a restricted country such as the USA or UK is by using a VPN.

You can find a general VPN-Guide for your browser down below that you can follow at your own risk.

A VPN masks your real IP address and enables you to choose any IP-location of your choice. For example, while being located in the USA, you could set up your VPN to make it look like you are located in any European country of your choice.

As yet, Stake does not explicitly mention VPN usage in their terms of service, so using a VPN on Stake is not explicitly prohibited and is most likely being tolerated!

While a VPN may let you access Stake from a restricted region, you still may potentially break Stake's terms, or those of any local gambling regulation. Therefore, always act with caution and at your own risk.

The VPN Guide displayed on this page is unrelated to any specific website. We do not advise you to use a VPN in order to bypass restrictions of any 3rd party website, and do cannot guarantee that it is allowed. Only use VPNs at fully your own risk.

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VPN Risks

Even though Stake does not explicitly limit players from using a VPN, there are obivous problems that could occur when accessing Stake using a VPN from a restricted country.

As mentioned before, masking your IP address does not make up for the fact that you would access Stake from a restricted country which would violate their terms of service. This would give the Stake team a reason to terminate your account in the very worst case.

Also, in case you should ever be asked to verify your identity, there would be no other option besides revealing your real location.

Although, its hard to tell whether you are masking your IP address or if you're really in the location displayed in your IP address, so this aspect may be very debatable in itself.


VPN Usage in the casino scene is a tricky matter, especially when it comes to accessing casinos such as Stake from restricted countries like the UK or USA.

Since Stake does not mention VPN usage in their ToS, using a VPN in order to access Stake should be tolerated. There are many players and official social media Stake representatives from the UK or USA who play on Stake using a VPN to mask their IP, and they never encountered any problems.

Yet, one has to remember that accessing restricted casinos breaks local gambling regulations as well as the Stake casino's terms of service.

Hence, before considering accessing Stake with a VPN from a blocked country, we recommend you to figure out whether your country strictly enforces their gambling restrictions and evaluate whether you are willing to risk losing your Stake account with all its funds in the very worst case.

Able to access Stake?

In case you are not being restricted from accessing the Stake casino, consider signing up on Stake and claiming your VIP cashbacks rewards which are one of Stake's most unique and profitable features! 🎁

If you want to learn more about the Stake casino, consider reading our complete and up to date Stake Casino Review that features all of Stake's games, features and perks that you need to know before getting started on the Stake casino!


Can you play on Stake in the US?

Players from the USA are blocked from accessing the Stake casino. In this article, we explain this problem and potential solutions.

Can you play on Stake in Canada?

Yes, as per Stake's terms of service, players from Canada are allowed to access and gamble on the Stake casino!

Can you play on Stake in Europe?

According to Stake's ToS, all European countries except from the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and the UK are welcome to play on the Stake casino!

Where is Stake blocked?

Currently, Stake restricts access from USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and a few other countries. There may be potential solutions.

Can you use a VPN on Stake?

As Stake does not directly mention VPN usage in their ToS, using a VPN on Stake is probably being tolerated. Although, accessing the Stake casino from a restricted country still violates their terms.