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📄 License: Curacao Gaming
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500.Casino Review
500.Casino Rating: 4.7

500.Casino Review Summary

500.Casino is a well-established Online Casino with arguably the most accepted payment methods in the entire casino scene.

500.Casino's wide selection of payment methods, fun unique original games as well as the amazing welcome bonus made it very popular in the online gambling scene.

As 500.Casino has no mendatory KYC, you can instantly sign in via Google or Steam and start playing within just minutes.

500.Casino has a very unique and rewarding player-reward and VIP system which lets you claim free balance every day once you reach certain milestones.

This, and many other features that will be covered, recently gained 500.Casino lots of popularity.

500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.8

500.Casino Bonus 🎁

There is a deposit bonus of up to $1000, 50 Free Spins and 500 free coins that new players can claim after signing up on 500.Casino.

In order to claim your deposit bonus and free spins, you need to sign up on 500.Casino, navigate to 'Rewards' and enter the promo-code 'bonus2021'.

In case you are already signed up and logged into your 500.Casino account, you can also activate the bonus by clicking this link.

Please note that the deposit Bonus can only be applied to deposits of at least $20, and will have to be wagered at least 40 times by you in order to be withdrawn.

500 casino bonus
500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.5

Is 500.Casino legit?

Yes, 500.Casino is a legitimate and established online casino that is based on a transparent Provably Fair system.

Since all games on the 500.Casino implement a Provably Fair system, they cannot be manipulated by 500.Casino without being it noticed. Hence, all games on 500.Casino are legit and safe to play.

Furthermore, 500.Casino does not unrightfully withhold withdrawals or funds which is a key factor for 500.Casino's legitimacy.

Hence, one can deposit funds on 500.Casino without worrying about legitimacy.

Is 500.Casino trusted?

Since its' founding in 2016 500.Casino has established a high level of trust.

The 500.Casino has never been involved in any malicious operations and operates in a way that establishes trust and a great user experience by offering instant withdrawals and a transparent Provably Fair system.

Also, the 500.Casino has a valid Curacao Gaming casino license as well as an excellent reputation, which is reflected on platforms such as Trustpilot.

Given that, one can safely play on 500.Casino since it as generally one of the most trusted and legitimate online Casinos of its kind.

500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.8

500.Casino Registration

The signup process on 500.Casino is exceptionally simple, since one can simply sign up by using a Google, Steam or Facebook account, without having to complete manual verification.

In order to make use of the deposit bonus and make your account fully functional, you will have to verify your email that you used on 500.Casino.

Does 500.Casino have KYC?

No, in most cases you can sign up, deposit and withdraw on 500.Casino without KYC verification.

This is especially convenient, since one can fully access casino games with instant payments without having to go through a complicated KYC verification procedure.

Although, it is important to notice that 500.Casino has the right to ask you for identity and age verification, and may terminate your account in case you refuse to.

The 500.Casino rarely makes usage of their right to demand verification from you, yet KYC verification is especially enforced, whenever users behave uncommon by (for example) creating multiple accounts or withdrawing very high amounts of money.
500.Casino Review
Rated: 5.0

500.Casino Deposit

You can find 500.Casino's deposit menu under 'Deposit'.

Here, you can select from the incredibly high amount of accepted deposit options, ranging from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to PayPal, Visa and CS:GO skins.

All deposit options, especially cryptocurrencies, are quite fast on the 500.Casino. Yet, traditional payments such as credit cards and PayPal require a 3rd party provider, hence they may take a few minutes longer than cryptocurrencies and due to their centralized nature may fail from time to time.

Cryptocurrency payments are especially popular on 500.Casino, since they allow you for mostly anonymous gambling and do not require sharing personal information in case 500.Casino does not ask you to verify yourself.

deposit on 500 casino

500.Casino PayPal Deposit

PayPal is one of the various deposit methods that are available on 500.Casino.

The 500.Casino uses a 3rd party provider which lets you purchase 500.Casino Gift Cards via PayPal, which can then be redeemed in the deposit section.

Although, one has to notice that purchasing PayPal gift cards includes a 3rd party fee, which makes you pay around 5% more for the money you receive on 500.Casino.

500 casino paypal deposit

How to withdraw from 500.Casino

Navigate to 'Withdraw' at the top right to open 500.Casino's withdrawal menu.

Except payment methods that involve banks, such as PayPal and credit cards, all other paymentmethods can be selected for withdrawals.

All withdrawals on the 500.Casino are reasonably fast, especially cryptocurrency cashouts, which are regularly completed within just a few minutes.

Also, as a legitimate online casino, 500.Casino does not block withdrawals without any reason. This is an essential and perhaps the most important aspect about an online Casino.

withdraw from 500 casino
500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.6

500.Casino Rewards

The 500.Casino rewards its' active players with daily player rewards that continue rising in value as you actively play more.

Up to 4 times a day, you can spin a wheel that gives you some free raw crypto balance to play with!

Once you reach a certain level on 500.Casino, you can claim your daily free rewards without having to wager.

Many (previously) active players can claim amounts of $10-$50 daily as a passive income.

This shows, that playing on 500.Casino exclusively may be very lucrative in case you wager a lot of money.

500 casino rewards

500.Casino VIP Program

Just as many other online casinos, the 500.Casino has a VIP system which rewards you for actively playing on 500.Casino, additionally to the free coins you already get without being a VIP.

VIP levels on 500.Casino reach from Silver to Diamond and have continiously better rewards in ascending order.

These are the most relevant benefits you receive from becoming a 500.Casino VIP:

  • Personal Bonus Promotions
  • Regular Rakeback and Lossback
  • Higher Free Coin Rewards than regular Cashbacks
  • Extra Raffle Tickets for special Giveaways
500 casino vip

500.Casino Promo Code

In order to unlock your 500.Casino deposit bonus, free spins and player rewards, enter the promo code '2021bonus' at the 'Rewards' section.

If you do not have a 500.Casino account yet, you can instantly sign up via your Steam or Google account without manual verification!

It is important to claim a promo code on 500.Casino if you want to make use of 500.Casino's beneficial rewards.
500 casino bonus
500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.7

500.Casino Slots

The 500.Casino features a variety of slots, including all popular game providers like Pragmatic and Push Gaming with slots such as Dog House, Fruit Party, Razor Shark or Buffalo King.

All casino games on 500.Casino can be played with all deposit options, including Paypal, VISA, cryptocurrencies and CS:GO skins! This means that you can even play slots on 500.Casino using PayPal or VISA, which is not common in online gambling!

The 500.Casino casino is regularly adding new popular slots and live games to keep up with community trends.

500 casino slots

500.Casino Wheel

One of 500.Casino's most unique casino games is the Wheel game. 500.Casino's wheel game works just as any regular Wheel of Fortune, where you can bet on various colors that each have their unique payout multiplier.

At the beginning of a new round, players bet a custom amount of coins on either 2x, 3x, 5x, 20x or 50x multipliers.

Depending on the color the wheel lands on, you get paid out your initial stake times the multiplier you bet on in case your color gets rolled.

This game mode initially made 500.Casino popular, and allows for very fun and even strategic gambling sessions.

You can try out the Wheel game with free 500 coin of raw balance after signing up, by using the gift code '2021bonus'.

500 casino wheel

500.Casino Crash

Another unique casino gamemode on 500.Casino is the Crash game.

At 500.Casinos's Crash, players bet a custom amount of coins which they can cash out at any time and profit by the currently displayed multiplier on the screen as long as the multiplier crashes hasn't crashed yet.

If one does not manage to cash out the bet multiplied with the current multiplier before it crashes, the entire bet is lost.

The crash game often even reaches multipliers of tens of thousands, with many people making insane profits!

With 500.Casino's auto-bet feature, one can also employ some famous crash playing strategies without any problem.

500 casino crash
500.Casino Review
Rated: 4.7

500.Casino Rating

The 500 casinos is a great online casino with fun, original games as well as all possibly desired slots and live games.

What makes the 500.Casino very unique, is the ability to deposit via PayPal, VISA, cryptocurrencies and CS:GO skins, which gives you lots of flexibility and lets every player find a fitting payment method.

The crucial part of 500.Casino's popularity are the daily free rewards that can become exceptionally high after some time of active playing on 500.Casino, and stay forever even if you stop playing actively!

Hence, 500.Casino is arguably one of the best payments and rewards oriented casinos of its kind, while still maintaining a competitive RTP on its casino games of around 97%.

If you want to try out 500.Casino for free, simply get started and claim our invitational gifts by using the gift code '2021bonus' as described above!

500.Casino Review FAQ

What is 500 Casino?

500 casino is an online casino, which was previously known as CSGO500.

Does 500 Casino have KYC?

No, in the most cases one can play on the 500 Casino without having to provide personal KYC information.

Is 500 Casino trusted?

Yes, the 500 casino has established a great level of trust throughout its years of operating.

Is 500 Casino rigged?

No, the 500 casino cannot be rigged because all games are based on a Provably Fair system.

Is 500 Casino legit?

Yes, the 500 casino is a legitimate and licensed online casino that is being run by a legitimate company.