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📄 License: Curacao Gaming
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BCGame Review
BCGame Rating: 4.7

BCGame Review Summary

BC.Game is a battle tested crypto casino that offers one of the widest selection of cryptocurrency deposit methods and unique, high quality gambling games that differ heavily from traditonal casino games.

You can get started playing on BC.Game very easily within minutes, as BC.Game has a very smooth registration process that requires no manual reviewal, as well as very fast crypto transactions.

Right after signing up, you can deposit and start playing all games on BC.Game and start benefiting from BC.Game's rewards on the spot.

Due to the wide selection of cryptocurrency deposits, unique games with a low house edge and many other rewarding features that we are going to discuss further, playing on BCGame is a very fun and long-term satisfying experience.

BCGame Review
Rated: 4.7

BCGame Free Spin 🎁

There are several signup rewards that let you try out the BC.Game casino for free and continue to reward you throughout your time of being a player on BC.Game.

One of the most lucrative raw bonuses on BC.Game is the Daily Free Wheel Spin that rewards you with raw crypto balance, ranging from 10000 JB up to 1 BTC every single day.

In order to claim your raw crypto Free Spin, simply visit BC.Game and click on 'Signup and Claim'.

No matter which prize you get rewarded from your Free Spin, you will be able to try out some games on BC.Game for free and eventually gamble your way up to nice amount of withdrawable balance without a cost.

bcgame free spin
BCGame Review
Rated: 4.4

Is BCGame legit?

Yes, it is safe to say that BC.Game is a legitimate and licensed casino with purely provably fair games.

Since you can manually verify that each outcome on BC.Game has indeed been radomly generated, BC.Game cannot rig any of its games, which is a key for fair and legit gambling.

Furthermore, BC.Game processes transactions without blocking users for no reason, which speaks for BC.Game being a legitimate casino that you can entrust your deposited funds.

Given that and BC.Game's valid Curaçao casino license, BC.Game easily fullfils a level of legitimacy that one would expect from a professional crypto casino.

BCGame Trust Rating

Since its founding in 2019, BC.Game has operated successfully with a clean record as BC.Game has never been invloved with any shady activities, which is fairly rare in the wide landscape of online casinos and their partially shady gambling deals.

Additionally, BC.Game recently obtained a valid Curaçao casino license which is a key trust factor for a casino as it gives you the ability to entrust BC.Game your deposited funds since a casino license goes hand in hand with certain obligations for BC.Game that ensure a high safety and hence trust standard.

BC.Game's high level of trust from its players is also being reflected in overall positive reviews on numerous platforms such as TrustPilot and Twitter, and we personally also had a very positive user-experience playing on BC.Game.

Since there have been no justified major complaints about the BC.Game casino since its founding in 2019, one can be sure that BC.Game can be trusted in delivering a satisfying user experience.

BCGame Review
Rated: 4.8

BCGame Signup

The process of registering on BC.Game is extremely straight forward, as the BC.Game casino supports instant signups via Email, Google, Facebook, Telegram and even MetaMask & WalletConnect.

Right after registering, you are able to play all games on BC.Game, no matter which signup process you have chosen.

Even though there is generally no further verification required on BC.Game, in order to unlock certain advanced features it is recommended to confirm your Email address and activate a 2FA right away for highest security.

Does BCGame have KYC?

No, generally speaking you can register, play and withdraw on BC.Game without having to go through a KYC verification procedure.

Given that, it is extremely easy to get a fully-featured account on BC.Game, as the lack of a manual verification allows you to get started within minutes.

Yet, even though BC.Game is not known for enforcing a KYC verification procedure, as a licensed casino BC.Game always reserves the right to ask you for identity and age verification.

In most cases, KYC verification on BC.Game is only enforced for a specific reason, such as suspicous player behavior which envolves transacting or wagering with very high amounts, creating multiple acounts or using VPNs.

BCGame Review
Rated: 4.6

Deposit on BCGame

You can find BC.Game's deposit section under 'Wallet' and 'Deposit', where you can choose your preferred cryptocurrency to deposit.

The BC.Game casino is known for accepting tons of cryptocurrencies, including many major native blockchain coins like ETH, BTC, BSC and DOT, as well as many smaller ERC-20 and BEP-20 altcoins such as SHIB and AAVE.

The large variety of deposit methods on BC.Game is especially convenient if you have lots of different cryptocurrencies that you'd like to deposit, as it saves you transaction fees that would be invloved with exchanging.

Upon sending your cryptocurrencies to the disaplyed BC.Game deposit address, it only takes very few confirmations on the blockchain until you receive your funds, which takes around 1-15 minutes depending on the cryptocurrency you have chosen.

BC.Game is accepting deposits quickly without a limit and does not freeze transactions out of arbitrariness, which is an essential feature that contributes to BC.Game being a legitimate casino.

deposit on bcgame

BCGame Credit Card Deposit

Even though BC.Game does not support native credit card deposits, they have integrated a 3rd party service called 'Banxa' that allows you to easily deposit any cryptocurrency of your choice directly to your BC.Game casino account and pay with Visa or MasterCard.

In order to make a Visa or MasterCard deposit on BC.Game, simply navigate to 'Wallet', 'Buy Crypto' and 'Copy address and pay with Banxa' after picking your preferred cryptocurrency.

On Banxa, you can easily paste your BC.Game deposit address under 'Your Wallet' and pay via Visa.

Your cryptocurrencies will instantly be sent to BC.Game without you having to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges yourself, which is especially convenient for beginners who would like to play on a casino but are not too familiar with cryptocurrencies yet.

bcgame paypal deposit

Withdraw from BCGame

You can find BC.Game's withdrawal menu under 'Wallet' and 'Withdraw', where you are prompted to select the cryptocurrency from your on-site wallet that you'd like to withdraw from BC.Game.

Balance Cashouts on BC.Game work just as smoothly as deposits, as BC.Game processes withdrawals near to instantly and only requires KYC verification in a minority of cases.

Another great feature that solves a major issues related to paying with certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is the ability to deduct withdrawal fees that apply on the blockchain and on average range from $5 up to $25.

In order to let the BC.Game casino cover your withdrawal fees and essentialy gift you free money, you first need to reach a VIP level of 22 and spend some JB Coins, which are BC.Game's house-specific cryptocurrency that you can earn for free from the daily free wheel spin.

cashout from bcgame
BCGame Review
Rated: 4.7

BCGame Player Rewards

BC.Game offers a creative set of rewarding features ranging from withdrawal fee deduction to rakebacks and deposit bonuses that make playing on BC.Game actively very lucrative.

Since the amount of player promotions on BC.Game is quite high and hard to grasp, here is a quick overview of all reward promotions and their VIP level requirements:

  • Tasks - No Level Requirement
  • Daily Free Spin - No Level Requirement
  • Balance Rains - Level 4
  • Secret Treasures - Level 4
  • Coindrops - Level 7
  • Crypto Rakebacks - Level 14
  • Crypto Recharges - Level 22
  • Fee Deduction - Level 22

It is worth noticing that the rewards you gain from BC.Game's are often measured in the BCD currency.

BCD on BC.Game can easily be explained as an on-site currency that is equivalent to the US Dollar but requires a wager in order to be withrawn, which is understandable as these rewards are completely free.

The wager formlua for BCD is:

Unlock amount = wager amount * house edge * (20)%

which shows that it is easier to wager your BCD on games with a higher house edge such as Slots as opposed to safe games like the Dice game.

BCGame Task Hub

The Task Hub on BC.Game is a daily & weekly renewing set of fun tasks that players can complete in order to collect real-money balance to play with.

These tasks are mostly related to games on the BC.Game casino, and upon taking a glance on the different tasks, one can easily see that they are not hard to complete and hence offer an easy way to regurarly farm some free balance to gamble with on BC.Game.

Most of the time, BC.Game's tasks require you to reach certain game milestones that are quite hard to hit, but do not require you to wager high amounts of money, which makes reach them affordable and worth grinding for.

There are different tasks available on BC.Game every single day, which makes it advisable to log into BC.Game daily to farm the free BCD balance.

bcgame task hub

BCGame VIP Rewards

As some rewards on BCGame are only reserved for players with certain VIP ranks, it is important to understand BC.Game's VIP system as well as how to level up to unlock all beneficial promotions.

Upon registering on BC.Game, players start with a VIP level of 1, and farm one experience point towards the next VIP level for each US-Dollar they wager.

In addition to regular promotions on BC.Game that you unlock by upping your VIP level as mentioned above, players also get rewarded one-time rewards in form of Secret Treasures for reaching certain VIP levels, such as level 4, 8, 14 and so on.

Furthermore, VIPs on BC.Game unlock constantly improving benefits such as deposit bonuses and individual gifts that can be discovered on the official BC.Game website, which make it worth to use BC.Game as ones main casino.

bcgame vip rewards

BCGame Deposit Bonus

Occasionally, the BC.Game casino offers deposit bonuses for all players for a specific duration, even if they have already created an account on BC.Game.

These packs of deposit bonuses usually contain 4 bonuses of up to 240% for 4 individual deposits, which is a very impressive deal, considering it is not reserved for new players as on many other casinos.

In order to claim deposit bonuses on BC.Game, you either have to wait until the bonuses get released for all players again, or reach high VIP levels which should eventually reward you with exclusive deposit bonuses for your loyalty on BC.Game.

Similar to other BC.Game promos, you receive your deposit bonus in form of the BCD currency, which is equivalent to USD but requires you to perform a certain wager in order to be withdrawable. If you play games with a slightly higher house edge such as slots with your BCD balance, the wager requirement is comparable to all other casinos and not that hard to fulfil.

All BCD coins that have been successfully wagered and transformed into USD will be credited to your on-site wallet and will be instantly withdrawable! You can take all the time you want to wager your BCD, as they do not expire and even stack with other deposit bonuses and rewards from BC.Game's Rewards Hub.

bcgame deposit bonus
BCGame Review
Rated: 5.0

BCGame Casino Games

Most likely there is no other online casino that offers as many unique house-specific casino games as the BC.Game casino.

Besides the traditional integration numerous famous slot and live game providers, BC.Game differentiates itself from all other casinos with its selection of original gambling games, such as Crash, Mines, Plinko and Hilo.

All BC.Game original games have a remarkably low house edge of around %1 for most games. Compared to average slot machines, this is a house edge reduction of around 75%, which maximizes the profit potential for you as a player.

The most important aspect of all BC.Game games is the implementation of a provably fair system, which lets you manually that each individual game outcome on BC.Game has been generated randomly and has not been manipulated in any way. This is a key aspect of fair gambling which advocates for BC.Game's legitimacy.

You can take a look at all the different BC.Game originals on their official website, as we are going to be discussing the 2 most unique BC.Games originals in the following.

bcgame casino games

BCGame Slots

As mentioned earlier, BC.Game integrates many major slot game providers such as Pragmatic Play, Spinomenal, No Limit City and Relax Gaming.

Slots on BC.Game have an average House Edge of around 3.5%, which pretty much equals to the industry average.

Because 3rd party slots have a significantly lower RTP than BC.Games originals, you can use it to your advantage for faster BCD wagering, as the game's house edge is a significant factor in the equation of how the BCD -> USD conversion on BC.Game works.

Hence, picking a slot with a low house adge and low volatility may get you through your BCD wager up to 5 times faster and easier.

One flaw that BC.Game's Slots and Live Games section has at the time of writing is the lack of a search-function, which forces you to scroll through all available games in order to find the slot or live game that you want to play.

bcgame slots

BCGame Cave of Plunder

One of the most unique original games on the BC.Game casino are slot-like games such as Cave of Punder.

Cave of Punder has a house edge of only 1% and follows a very fun game principle that was once popularized by certain slot providers.

As with any other slot machine, you firstly pick a stake that you pay for spinning once. You cannot change this stake during the process of this session, as Cave of Punder is a progressive game.

In case a spin rewards you with one of the 3 winning symbols, you receive a prize money which you can cash out at any time, or continue playing and start climbing the specific prize ladder for that symbol.

If, on the other hand, you hit the Skull symbol with your spin, you lose one step of the prize ledder, and hence a part of the prize-money that you have collected up to this point.

Climbing the prize ledder is a core feature that lets you unlock the max-wins and the bonus feature of the Cave of Plunder game, so it is generally advised to play with smaller stakes but climb the Cave of Plunder prize ladder in an attempt to hit the Actionspin feature.

bcgame cave of plunder

BCGame Crash and Trenball

In addition to its single player casino games, BC.Game also offers social gambling games like Crash, Keno and Roulette which let you play with other BC.Game players or even your friends.

A very iconic example of BC.Game's social games is the Crash and Crash Trenball game, which is a variant of the classic Crash game, where players predict the crash multiplier with exactly 3 bet options.

Players bet on either the crash multiplier reaching less than 2x, above 2x or above 10x. Since those players who bet on under 2x create an opposition to those who bet on above 2x, the Crash Trenball game is themed as a duel between the Red Shiba and Green Doge.

At any given time you can opt in to play the classic Crash game where you can cash out your money at any given time without having to choose one of the 3 Trenball betting options.

As all other BC.Game original games, the Crash and Crash Trenball game implement a provably fair system, which ensures that all crash multipliers have been randomly generated, and have a marginal house edge of only 1%.

bcgame crash
BCGame Review
Rated: 4.7

BCGame Rating

BC.Game is a very original cyptocurrency casino that separates itself from traditional cryptocurrency casinos by providing the biggest selection of original games with a low RTP and offering original player promotions that go far beyond the classical rakeback feature.

Given all of BC.Game's rewarding features and a good fundament of trust and legitimacy, BC.Game is a recommended casino for cryptocurrency natives that are looking for great variety of high quality games that even allow for strategic and systematic gambling with an auto-betting functionality.

In summary, BC.Game has a very competitively low house commission, instant transactions, limitless gambling and very original player promotions that make it interesting to tune into BC.Game on daily basis to farm some guaranteed free balance to play with.

By accepting and quickly integrating near to every single cryptocurrency and actively managing a cryptocurrency related blog, the BC.Game casinos shows to be keen on cryptocurrencies, which makes it a feature-proof cryptocurrency casino.

You can claim a free wheel spin that rewards you with raw crypto and try out all of BC.Game's games for absolutely free!

BCGame Review FAQ

What is BC.Game?

BC.Game is a licensed cryptocurrency casino that has been founded in 2019 and ever since provides the widest selection of unique crypto games and cryptocurrency deposit methods.

Does BC.Game have KYC?

No, typically BC.Game does not require manual KYC verification for most players, but reserves the right to do so.

Is BC.Game real money?

BCGame has both on-site utility currencies such as JB that can be considered non-real money, as well as real cryptocurrency balance.

Is BC.Game trusted?

Yes, BC.Game has established a great level of trust since its founding in 2019 by successfully operating until this day.

Is BC.Game rigged?

No, it is impossible for the BC.Game to rig any casino games without exposing themselves due to their provably fair system.

Is BC.Game legit?

Yes, BC.Game is a legitimate crypto casino with a valid Curaçao casino license which guarantees users a high level of safety.