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CSGORoll Review - Is CSGORoll legit? 2022

CSGORoll Legitcheck and Guide
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CSGORoll Review
CSGORoll Rating: 4.5

CSGORoll Review Summary

CSGORoll is an established crypto and CS:GO gambling site that has been around for many years, and recently received a revamp with numerous new games.

Just recently, CSGORoll expanded their payments to cryptocurrencies, which is the preferred payment method of most online gamblers.

You can sign up instantly without manual KYC verification and get playing right away on CSGORoll, which makes it very convenient to use.

CSGORoll offers free daily chests to players with constantly increasing rewards, which makes it worth to choose CSGORoll as ones main gambling site.

CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.9

CSGORoll Free Cases 🎁

We have a welcome gift for new CSGORoll players that lets you open 3 free cases with real money prizes on CSGORoll.

To open your 3 free cases, simply sign up here on CSGORoll and click 'Claim Now'.

In order to open your 3 cases, your Steam account must be public, at least level 5 and have some hours played in CS:GO to prevent bots.

This bonus is currently one of the best in the CS:GO scene, as it doesn't require you to deposit any money in order to try out CSGORoll with real winnable prizes.

You can register on CSGORoll instantly using your Steam account without having to go through manual verification.
csgoroll free cases

CSGORoll Deposit Bonus

Before every single deposit, you can enter the CSGORoll promo code 'made' at the deposit section to activate a 5% deposit bonus.

This deposit bonus is raw, as it gives you a real-money boost of 5% to all of your deposit, which you can withdraw without any additional wager requirements.

It's essential to utilize this deposit bonus using a CSGORoll promo code in order to maximize your profit potential.

csgoroll deposit bonus
CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.7

Is CSGORoll Legit?

CSGORoll is definitely a legitimate CS:GO gambling site that has operated based on a Provably Fair system for several years.

Given that, all games on CSGORoll are transparent and legitimate as they cannot be rigged by CSGORoll without you or any other player noticing it. This is the fundament of fair gambling, and should be disregarded when looking for a legitimate gambling platform.

Furthermore, CSGORoll doesn't cancel withdrawals without a reason, which is an essential aspect of a legit gambling platform, as you do not need to worry about being treated unfairly.

CSGORoll Trust Rating

CSGORoll can be considered highly trusted, as the company behind CSGORoll is well established in the gambling scene.

Furthermore CSGORoll hasn't been involved in any malicious activities throughout its years of existence, which by itself allows one to trust CSGORoll.

CSGORoll has a great reputation and high rate of player-satisfaction, which can be seen on platforms such as Trustpilot as well as social media.

CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.9

CSGORoll Account Opening

In order to register on CSGORoll, one needs to have a Steam account, as this is the only sign up option available on CSGORoll.

To sign up, simply navigate to 'Login' at the top right, and authroize the Steam login.

Since CSGORoll is not a casino, but rather a loot box opening site, there are no country restrictions, which lets players from all regions create an account on CSGOROll without a problem.

Given that, CSGORoll is a great casino alternative for players from restricted countries like the USA or UK.


Generally speaking, a manual KYC verification is not required in order to sign up on CSGORoll.

Hence, it is quite easy to get started on CSGORoll as everything you need to do in order to deposit, play and withdraw is signing up with a Steam account.

Even though CSGORoll only rarely asks players for KYC verification, one cannot forget the CSGORoll may require identity and age verification at any given time.

CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.9

Deposit on CSGORoll

You can find CSGORoll's deposit section by clicking the green 'Deposit' button at the top right.

CSGORoll offers various deposit options, including VISA, PayPal, cryptocurrencies and CS:GO skins deposits with 0% fees.

As CSGORoll is not considered a casino, there are no restrictions on traditonal payment methods such as PayPal, which allow you to top up your CSGORoll balance with your favorite deposit method.

Most deposits CSGORoll are being processed instantly. Especially cryptocurrencies are a great choice, as there is no 3rd party that could potentially cancel your payment.

deposit on csgoroll

Withdraw from CSGORoll

As of now, you can only withdraw CS:GO skins from CSGORoll, by navigating to 'Withdraw' on the navigation bar at the top.

You can cash out CS:GO skins instantly using a 3rd party marketplace, or choose the peer-to-peer option where you directly sell your item to a different player.

In case you would like to cash out PayPal balance or cryptocurrencies from CSGORoll, you can withdraw your CS:GO skins to any CS:GO marketplace of your choice and sell them for PayPal or cryptocurrencies there instantly.

cashout from csgoroll
CSGORoll Review
Rated: 3.5

CSGORoll Rewards

There is a unique rewarding system on CSGORoll, which lets you open a free case with real prizes every single day, whose prize values depend on your level.

You can increase your level by playing on CSGORoll actively, which ensures that active players get rewarded the most.

It only takes a little bit of playing in order to reach the first level, from where on you will be able to open a free chest every day without having to wager any more money!

Once you reach a certainly high level, you can just continue opening a free chest with awesome skins every single day without having to gamble.

Some high-level individuals who have quit gambling on CSGORoll use the daily free case feature as a kind of passive income.

csgoroll free case daily
CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.2

CSGORoll Cases

Once of CSGORoll's most popular and unique features are CS:GO themed cases.

There are numerous of fun cases that all have a differ in their theme and odds, and the CSGORoll team continously releases more.

Cases on CS:GO gambling sites such as CSGORoll usually have a way better winning chance than regular CS:GO cases, which makes them very popular in the CS:GO gambling scene.

All cases on CSGORoll implement a provably fair system which lets you verify that the CS:GO skin you received from the case was indeed randomly generated and not manipulated, which speaks for CSGORoll's legitimacy.

csgoroll csgo cases

CSGORoll Case Battles

The most popular game on CSGORoll as case battles, which essentially let you open cases in a PvP mode against another player on CSGORoll.

Both players who join a case battle open the exact same cases, and the player who opened the most-valued items wins all skins of the other player.

Since both players open the same cases, the case battle feature allows you to compose the battles in a very creative and thrilling way, which makes it the most used PvP game on CSGORoll overall.

Just as any other game, the case battles on CSGORoll are provably fair and hence legitimate.

csgoroll case battles
CSGORoll Review
Rated: 4.5

CSGORoll Rating

CSGORoll is definitely a recommendable gambling platform for people who engage with CS:GO skins, as Counter Strike skins are the only items you can withdraw on CSGORoll.

With its revamp, CSGORoll has various games that are all transparently verifiable, as well as great player rewards that make playing on CSGORoll actively worth it.

All these numerous features that came with the recent revamp make CSGORoll stand out in the CS:GO gambling space as one of the more favorised platforms.

Yet, because CSGORoll only lets you cashout CS:GO skins, the CSGORoll team has created the platform Hypedrop for people who are not into CS:GO too much and would rather cashout cryptocurrencies and real-life itmes.

CSGORoll Review FAQ

Is CSGORoll trusted?

Yes, CSGORoll is an established CS:GO gambling platform that utilizes verifiable fairness.

Does CSGORoll have Verification?

Generally, CSGORoll does not require any manual verification for account openings and withdrawals.

Is CSGORoll a scam?

No, CSGORoll cannot be scamming because all random outcome generation of their games can be transparently verified.

Is CSGORoll legit?

Yes, CSGORoll is a legit CS:GO gambling site that is being lead by a highly reputable company.