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Datdrop Review
Datdrop Rating: 4.5

Datdrop Review Summary

In the past few years, Datdrop has become by far one of the most popular and trusted CS:GO case opening sites in the CS:GO and crypto gambling scene.

On Datdrop, you can open hundreds of cases with fun game modes such as case-battles, and withdraw either CS:GO skins or crypto currencies instantly.

Opening an account on Datdrop is very easy, since you can sign in instantly using Steam as there is no manual verification process involved.

With beneficial rewards such as free daily cases and regular giveaways, Datdrop continues to rise in popularity in the CS:GO and crypto gambling space.

In this brief Datdrop review, we will take a look at whether Datdrop is legit and present you all relevant features and terms that you need to know before opening cases on Datdrop.

Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.3

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This lifetime deposit bonus applies to all deposit options, including cryptocurrencies and credit card!

Claiming the deposit bonus on Datdrop is necessary in order to maximize your chances of making profit, as it lowers Datdrops overall house edge by 5%.

You can sign up on Datdrop instantly by using your Steam account without any manual verification!
Datdrop deposit bonus
Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.5

Is Datdrop Legit?

Yes, Datdrop is a legit cryptocurrency case opening site that is based on a transparent provably fair system. This provably fair system is the base of Datdrops legitimacy, since no case outcome can be tampered with.

Hence, Datdrop is totally legitimage and trusted since it cannot be rigged in any possible way.

Additionally, Datdrop has been operating successfully and with a good reputation for many years, which speaks for Datdrop as a legitimate and trusted case opening site.

Is Datdrop trusted?

Yes, Datdrop is a highly trusted case-opening platform that has never been associated with any malicious activities in the past, which is being reflected in Datdrop's high ratings on platforms such as Trustpilot.

Both case openings and case battles on Datdrop are fully transparent and provably fair and hence fully trustworthy.

This implies that Datdrop has no control over the outcomes of their games and therefore cannot rig any outcomes.

Although, the provably fair system is only valid as long as your client seed was individually set by yourself, instead of using Datdrop's pre-set client seed. To change your client seed, visit Datdrop's provably fair section so that you do not need to trust Datdrop on that side of things.

With this in mind, you do not need to worry about legitimacy or trust when playing on Datdrop.

Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.8

Does Datdrop have KYC?

Since Datdrop is a case opening loot site and not a real casino, it most likely does not require KYC verification.

From our experience, the only reasons Datdrop would ever ask you for verification of your identity would be suspicious behavior such as money laundering or affiliate abuse.

Without a mendatory KYC verification, playing on Datdrop is very easy and hurdle-free, since you can start playing instantly after signing up instead of going through a KYC procedure that is very common in the online gambling space.

This applies to all payment methods, including CS:GO and crypto currencies.

Keep in mind: Datdrop reserves the right to ask you to verify yourself at any time.

Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.6

How to deposit on Datdrop

Depositing on Datdrop is as easy as clicking the 'plus' icon at the top right and selecting your preferred deposit method.

Datdrop currently offers Ethereum, Litecoin, CS:GO and Credit Card deposits via GameMoney or G2APay.

By using the reward code 'made' you can claim a lifetime 5% deposit bonus on all your future deposits!

All deposit options work fast and flawless, especially cryptocurrency deposits, since they have no chance of beinged haltered because of the nature of a blockchain.

Ethereum, Litecoin and CS:GO deposits are especially beneficial since they gives you the option to gamble anonymously on Datdrop!

deposit on datdrop

How to withdraw on Datdrop

In order to cash out your winnings on Datdrop, click on your profile, scroll down and select the skins whose value you would like to withdraw. Then, select either Ethereum or Litecoin, paste your wallet address and confirm your withdrawal.

The CS:GO skins you have in your Datdrop inventory are not actually backed by CS:GO skins but rater by Litecoin or Ethereum. Hence you can only withdraw Ethereum or Litecoin on Datdrop.

Ethereum and Litecoin withdrawals are instant, anonymous and secure, which speaks for Datdrop as a legit gambling site.

Also, Datdrop was never associated with any malicious cases such as withholding user balances, which enables you to trust Datdrop with your balance.

Datdrop Review
Rated: 3.9

Free Case on Datdrop

On Datdrop, you can open a daily free case containing raw withdrawable crypto balance.

Depending on the amount of money you deposited on Datdrop, your free chest level is higher and therefore its rewards.

The daily rewards from Datdrop's free case reach from $0 up to $75 dollars, which you have a chance for every single day.

These free case rewards on Datdrop are pretty good, so make sure to open your free case every day!

The daily free case is one aspect that makes it worth playing on Datdrop over other case opening sites that do not offer a similar feature.

Datdrop free case daily
Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.7

Cases on Datdrop

As Datdrop is a CS:GO themed case opening site, all gamemodes on Datdrop are case-related.

The most obivous Datdrop gamemode are classical case openings: Datdrop has a wide selection of cases that is keep being expended. These Datdrop cases are very divers and have way better odds than classical CS:GO cases

The prizes you win from cases are not actually CS:GO skins but the crypto currency balance that can be withdrawn via Litecoin or Ethereum.

All Case openings are 100% provably fair and have a relatively low house edge.

Datdrop csgo cases

Case Battles on Datdrop

Besides the classical case opening game, you can battle against other Datdrop players in custom made case battles.

You can either create or join a Datdrop case battle, in which every participant opens the same cases. After all cases are openeded, the player whose opened skins have the highest combined value, wins all other player's skins.

Recently Datdrop added more battle options like 2v2 teams and equality mode which adds even more variety to the battle feature and makes it even more fun to battle on Datdrop.

All Datdrop cases are available for the battle feature and have the same odds and prices.

At the end of every arena you can verify the fairness of the cases that were opened at the bottom of the screen.

The case battle feature is by far the most popular game on Datdrop as it offers the same risk as case battles, with 2v2 or equality battles, but is way more dynamic and fun than classical Datdrop cases.

Datdrop case battles
Datdrop Review
Rated: 4.5

Datdrop Rating

Datdrop is a legitimate and trusted platform and, as one of the very first CS:GO case-opening platforms, has earned itself an excellent reputation throughout the past few years.

With Datdrop's case battles, the site offers a very fun and unique game mode that can't be found anywhere else. Additionally, Datdrop offers various deposit methods such as cryptocurrencies or credit card deposits.

To round things up, Datdrop also doesn't require you to verify your identity, which makes gambling on Datdrop super easy without a KYC procedure.

Given this, Datdrop is definitely at the top of the legit CS:GO and crypto gambling-platform tier list of 2021.

If you decide to try out Datdrop, consider claiming your free 5% lifetime deposit bonus! πŸŽ‰

Datdrop Review FAQ

Is Datdrop legit?

Yes, Datdrop is a totally legitimate and trusted gambling platform. All their games are based on a provably fair system.

Does Datdrop have KYC?

No, most likely Datdrop will not ask you for any personal information or verification after signing up.

What is Datdrop?

Datdrop is a popular crypto and CS:GO case opening platform with unique game modes such as case battles and instant crypto withdrawals!

What is the best Datdrop case?

Most Datdrop cases have a smilar house edge, hence there is no datdrop case which could be considered the best. All datdrop cases are equally good!

Can you play on Datdrop from USA?

Yes, since Datdrop isn't a casino, players from USA are allowed to play on Datdrop.

Can you play on Datdrop from UK?

Yes, users from the UK can play on Datdrop without any problems, since Datdrop is not classified as a casino.

Is Datdrop trusted?

Yes, Datdrop is using a transparent provably fair system and has earned itself a great reputation which makes Datrop trusted!

Can you deposit CS:GO skins on Datdrop?

Yes, Datdrop lets you deposit and gamble CS:GO skins and withdraw crypto currencies like Ethereum or Litecoin!

Is Datdrop rigged?

No, Datdrop's games are based on a provably fair system which makes it impossible for Datdrop to rig any game.