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Duelbits Review - Is Duelbits legit? 2022

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Duelbits Review
Duelbits Rating: 4.8

Duelbits Review Summary

Duelbits is a new licensed online casino that has gained a lot of popularity throughout this year due to its easy access to online gambling with the goal to provide the best possible player rewards.

While Duelbits mainly focuses on cryptocurrency gambling, common deposit methods such as Credit Card and PayPal are also available, which allows you to deposit with your favorite payment method.

The signup process as well as cryptocurrency payments are instant on Duelbits, and in the very most cases requires no KYC vericiation. This allows you to start playing instantly on Duelbits.

Being an active player on Duelbits comes with amazing benefits due to Duelbits' VIP program and regular crypto rewards, which you can start claiming after signing up and entering the code 'reward'.

Given that, Duelbits looks like the perfect online casino at a first glance.

We have tested Duelbits extensively as a part of this Duelbits review and will make you aware of all relevant features, terms and information that you must know before gambling on Duelbits in this brief review.

Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.5

Duelbits Signup Reward 🎁

There are multiple signup rewards that let you try out Duelbits for free, and continue rewarding you long-term.

In order to claim your rewards, simply sign up on Duelbits and enter the promo code 'reward' to claim a free crypto duel reward without any deposit or wager requirement!

Additionally, you will unlock exclusive daily, weekly and monthly raw crypto refills in your Duelbits rewards section, that increase by time if you play on Duelbits actively!

These lifetime-rewards are one of the most outstanding benefits of being a Duelbits player.

In case you have an account on Duelbits already, simply navigate to 'Claim' on the bottom left, and enter the promo-code 'reward' to unlock your rewards.

You can sign up instantly on Duelbits by using a Google or Steam account without KYC verification within just minutes!
duelbits signup reward
Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.8

Is Duelbits Legit?

Yes, Duelbits is a legit and licensed casino that is based on a provably fair system, which enables you to verify the fairness of every outcome transparently.

This means that Duelbits cannot be rigged and therefore is completely legitimate and trusted.

Furthermore, Duelbits is a casino that hasn't been publicly associated with any malicious activity and has a great reputation in the online casino space.

Another important aspect that reflects Duelbits' legitimacy are instant withdrawals and deposits: Duelbits instantly processes all transactions and does not block players who withdraw a lot of money.

Hence, we can state with certainty that Duelbits is legit and safe to use.

Is Duelbits trusted?

Yes, Duelbits trust comes from their valid Provably Fair system that applies to all house-specific games and ensure all outcomes on Duelbits are randomly generated and are not rigged.

This makes it safe to say that Duelbits is a trusted and safe to use casino!

Furthermore, Duelbits has a valid Curacao-Gaming casino license, an excellent reputation and a trusted support team that is there to help you at any time if you experience any issues.

Duelbits' trust also applies to deposits and withdrawals, as Duelbits instantly processes all transactions and does not block players from withdrawing or depositing big amounts of money. Therefore, you can trust Duelbits with all of your deposited funds.

One does not have to worry about safety and trust when gambling on the Duelbits casino.

Duelbits Review
Rated: 5.0

Duelbits Account Opening

Creating a Duelbits account is extremely straight forward since Duelbits offers social-media login as well as no manual KYC verification.

On Duelbits, you can signup via Google, Steam or Email. Every single registration method is equal in terms of feature availabily on Duelbits.

In order to start your registration process on Duelbits, simply navigate to "Register" at the top right and select your preferred signup method.

Once you signed up on Duelbits successfully, you can start using all features and play any games immediately without having to wait for any manual approval.

Does Duelbits have KYC Verification?

No, most likely you will be able to fully enjoy Duelbits without the need for verification. You can expect Duelbits not to ask you to verify your identity, unless you withdraw huge amounts of money or show any other type of suspicious behavior.

Having no generally obligatory KYC verification makes Duelbits very convenient to use since accessing casino games on Duelbits is near to instant.

This means that you can instantly get going after signing up on Duelbits, without having to wait for manual KYC verification.

Usually, KYC verification on Duelbits only happens for a very specific reason, such as creating multiple accounts, depositing just to withdraw a different cryptocurrency or being potentially underage.

Most players on Duelbits have never been asked for verification, but keep in mind that Duelbits always reserves the right to ask you for personal verification. So, as with any other casino, do not play on Duelbits unless you are of legal age!

Who can play on Duelbits?

As any other Curaçao based online casino, Duelbits enforces some country restrictions that prevent players from certain countries from creating a Duelbits account.

Regions such as the USA or UK are blocked from Duelbits, which is why many players use a VPN in order to access the Duelbits casino from restricted regions.

In case you are located in a region that is blocked from accessing Duelbits, check out our article about VPN usage and country restrictions on Duelbits.

Note that using a VPN on Duelbits is formally unwelcome. Yet, many players from the USA and other regions use a VPN in order to access Duelbits, seemingly without any problems.

At the very top of this review page you can select your country to check whether you are allowed to create an account on Duelbits!
Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.8

How to deposit on Duelbits

In order to deposit money on Duelbits, simply navigate to "Cashier", click "Deposit" and choose your favorite deposit method.

Currently, Duelbits accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, CS:GO skins and lots of mainstream payment options like Paypal, Visa and Paysafecards for deposits.

All deposit options on the Duelbits casino are instant.

You can deposit and gamble anonymously with cryptocurrencies, which is one of the benefits of gambling on Duelbits.

No matter which deposit option you choose, you'll be able to play all your favorite slots and live games on the Duelbits casino! Also, Duelbits does not unrightfully withhold users balance which speaks for Duelbits as a legitimate and trusted casino.

deposit on duelbits

Duelbits PayPal deposit

You can deposit on Duelbits using PayPal by navigating to 'Cashier' and selecting the PayPal deposit option. Then, Duelbits will prompt you to purchase a Duelbits balance gift cards that you can redeem directly in Duelbits' deposit section.

This way, you can instantly deposit on Duelbits using PayPal without any problems.

We have used this deposit method multiple times and it works as intended!

In case you do not have PayPal, Duelbits also offers VISA and Mastercard deposits!

duelbits paypal deposit

How to withdraw from Duelbits

In order to withdraw from Duelbits, simply navigate to 'Cashier', click 'Withdraw' and select your desired withdrawal method.

On the Duelbits casino you can cash out either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or CS:GO skins.

We tested Duelbits' cashouts and they were all pretty much instant! Additionally, in most cases you will not need to provide any personal data in order to withdraw from the Duelbits casino.

There haven't been any public cases of Duelbits not processing user withdrawals, which reflects that Duelbits is a legit casino.

withdraw from duelbits
Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.7

Duelbits VIP Program

One of the most lucrative perks of the Duelbits casino is the uniquely rewarding Ace VIP system.

By gambling on Duelbits you continue to unlock new VIP levels that each reward you with very high one-time rewards, as well as increased crypto refills.

Also, it's not hard at all to reach VIP status on the Duelbits casino compared to other casinos, as you can unlock the 'Joker' VIP level after only wagering $1000.

There are many different VIP levels on Duelbits with constantly higher rewards which are worth grinding for, which motivates many players from the gambling community to choose Duelbits as their main casino.

You can start farming free VIP rewards instantly after signing up and playing on the Duelbits casino! 🌟

duelbits vip rewards

Duelbits Rewards

Duelbits has a great rewarding system that lets you regularly claim free balance to gamble with from the very beginning of your account creation.

Additionally to the free crypto duel entry that you can claim after signing up on Duelbits, you instantly unlock life-time crypto refills after opening your account and entering the promo code 'reward' on Duelbits.

You can claim daily, weekly and monthly raw crypto refills that increase as you play actively on Duelbits.

Duelbits' rewards allow you to maximize your potential profits, as they return you a decent portion of the casino's commission.

It's worth noticing that the weekly and monthly crypto refills on Duelbits are quite high compared to many other crypto casinos, which motivates continously more gamblers to pick Duelbits as their go-to casino.

duelbits player rewards

Note: You need to enter a promo code on Duelbits in order to unlock your Ace-Rewards.

Duelbits Promo Code

In order to unlock your Duelbits Ace-Rewards that let you claim your regular crypto refills, simply enter the promo code 'reward' on Duelbits.

In case you already have a Duelbits account, you can navigate to 'Claim' at the bottom left and enter the promo code in the displayed input field.

If you do not have an account yet, simply sign up on Duelbits and you will automatically be prompted to claim the promo code 'reward'.

It is important to claim a promo code on Duelbits if you do not want to miss out on Duelbits' raw balance player rewards.
duelbits promo code

The Duelbits promo code 'reward' will let you start farming Duelbits' Ace Rewards!

Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.7

Duelbits Slots

Duelbits offers a variety of casino games like slots and live shows, including all popular slot game providers such as Play'n GO, Pragmatic and Push Gaming. You will not miss any of your favourite slots when gambling on Duelbits!

You can play all slots and live shows with all deposit options, including PayPal and cryptocurrencies!

Something worth mentioning is that Slots on Duelbits have a relatively high RTP compared to many other casinos!

A slot's RTP (return to player) determines how much money a slot theoretically pays over a long period of time. With a higher RTP, you have a bigger chance to make profit!

duelbits slots

Duelbits Blackjack

As mentioned before, the Duelbits casino offers live Blackjack by numerous providers. On Duelbits you can even play at a live Blackjack table with as little as $1, which is great to try out live Blackjack!

If you do not like the long waiting time of Blackjack, Duelbits also has a virtual Blackjack game that lets you play instantly without any wait time!

You can play Blackjack on Duelbits with all deposit options, including PayPal, VISA and cryptocurrencies.

duelbits blackjack

Duelbits Crazy Time

In addition to slots, Duelbits lets you play all sorts of live games such as Crazy Time, Monopoly, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker.

A super convenient feature the Duelbits casino has are real time statistics for Crazy Time provided by Tracksino! This allows you to track the performance of previous Crazy Time spins and accordingly try to predict expected outcomes in the future.

Duelbits' Crazy Time statistics can be used to play Crazy Time with specific gambling strategies!

duelbits crazy time

Duelbits Crash

Crash is one of Duelbits' new unique casino games. You bet a custom amount that you can cash out at any time and profit by the currently displayed multiplier on the screen.

In case you don't manage to cash out before the rocket crashes, you lose your entire bet. This game mode is especially thrilling since the multiplier can crash at any time but at the same time regularly reaches multipliers of a few hundreds or thousands.

Since Duelbits has a legit provably fair system, you can ensure the fairness of the crash multipliers in the provably fair section at any time!

duelbits crash

Duelbits Dice Duels

Additionally to their mainstream casino games like slots and live shows, Duelbits offers some house specific casino games such as the Dice Duels game.

In Duelbits' Dice Duels, multiple players compete for a selected amount of crypto, which is being raffled amongst them.

At the start of the game, every players rolls a random ticket between 0-100. The player who rolls the highest ticket wins the entry price of all users combined. Dice Duels is a fun game, especially when playing with more than just two players.

All outcomes of the Duelbits Dice Duels game can be verified at their provably fair section and are therefore 100% fair & legit.

duelbits dice duels
Duelbits Review
Rated: 4.8

Duelbits Rating

The Duelbits casino is growing at a really fast pace and is expending their game modes and features actively while maintaining their professional simplicity, transparency and fairness.

Duelbits is a legitimate and trusted online casino with great player rewards and various deposit & withdrawal methods such as cryptocurrencies, PayPal and Visa. Additionally, Duelbits has a wide selection of slots and other casino games that will always keep you entertained!

These factors justifiably make Duelbits one of the most lucrative and easy to use online casinos in 2022. This could have only be confirmed during our research and practical experience in regards to this Duelbits review.

If you are looking to benefit from becoming an early member of a quickly growing, legitimate and licensed crypto casino, Duelbits surely is a good choice!

In case you want to try out Duelbits, claim yourself a dice duel entry for free and receive some instant crypto cashbacks after signing up! 🎉

Duelbits Review FAQ

What is Duelbits?

Duelbits is a new, legitimate and licensed online casino that has recently gained popularity on Twitch.tv due to its easy access to gambling and profitable player rewards. Duelbits is one of the most popular online casinos in 2021.

Is Duelbits trusted?

Yes, Duelbits' games are based on a transparent provably fair system and are legitimate, which makes Duelbits a trusted casino.

Does Duelbits have KYC?

Most likely Duelbits will not ask you for any KYC information or verification, although Duelbits reserves the right to do so at any time!

Is Duelbits real money?

Yes, Duelbits is an online casino which operates with real money. This money is being deposited via cryptocurrencies, bank or card deposits.

Is Duelbits rigged?

No, Duelbits cannot rig their games since they are based on a provably fair system, which lets you ensure that no game on Duelbits is rigged.

Is Duelbits safe?

Yes, Duelbits is a licensed casino with no publicly reported malicious activity and a great reputation, which makes Duelbits safe to use!

Is Duelbits legit?

Yes, Duelbits is a legit and licensed online casino whose games are based on a provably fair system that lets you verify the legitimacy of every game!