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Roobet Review - Is Roobet legit? 2022

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Roobet Review
Roobet Rating: 4.6

Roobet Review Summary

Roobet is a trusted, modern online casino with the focus on providing a simple and restriction-free gambling experience, which has gained Roobets a lot of popularity this year.

It is quite easy to get started playing on Roobet, as Roobet only requires basic information for opening an account, and offers insant deposits and withdrawals using crypto currencies.

Playing on Roobet exclusively is very rewarding, since Roobets rewards their players with the unique 'Roowards' system that lets you claim daily, weekly and monthly cryptocurrency reloads.

In this brief review we will reveal all relevant features and information that you need to know regarding gambling on Roobet, and elaborate whether Roobet is legitimate.

Roobet Review
Rated: 4.3

Roobet Signup Reward 🎁

We have a signup gift on Roobet that lets you unlock Roowards instantly by skipping one level of wager-requirement, that is normally required for RooWards.

You can instantly start claiming raw crypto cashbacks, refills and bonuses. These rewards will be available to you daily, weekly and monthly for lifetime.

Simply sign up instantly on Roobet using Steam, Google or Email and start farming increasingly growing Roowards!

roobet roowards
Roobet Review
Rated: 4.9

Is Roobet legit?

Yes, Roobet is a completely legit and licensed cryptocurrency casino which is based on a provably fair system that allows you to verify every single game on Roobet transparently and ensure that no outcome has been tampered with.

Hence, Roobet cannot be rigged in any ways and therefore is completely legit and trusted.

Furthermore Roobet has been operating legitimately for years and has never been publicly associated with any malicous activity, which speaks for Roobet being a legit and trusted online casino.

Roobets legitimacy is being reflected in various aspects, such as Roobets deposits and withdrawals: Roobet lets users cashout any amounts, even millions of dollars, without unrightfully blocking accounts. This allows you to trust Roobet with your balance.

Roobet has one of the best reputations in the online casino space and is known for its professionality and transparency, which clearly answers the question whether Roobet is legit or not.

Is Roobet trusted?

Yes, Roobet is one of the most trusted online casinos, as all games are based on a provably fair system that ensures randomly generated outcomes. This gained Roobet a lot of trust in the online gambling space.

This means that all outcomes are 100% fair and can be confirmed at any time, which makes the Roobet casino legit and trusted since Roobet cannot be rigging their games.

Additionally, Roobet is one of the most popular crypto casinos in 2021, which shows that the community is happy with Roobet's service.

We can confirm from our personal experience that Roobet delivers on the promises of instant deposits & withdrawals with a valid provably fair system that gains Roobet our total trust.

Roobet Review
Rated: 4.0

Does Roobet have Verification?

Roobet has a soft KYC requirement that prompts you to enter your personal data such as your Name, Address and Age after signing up on Roobet, in order for Roobet to verify your identity.

Yet, in most cases, Roobet will not ask you to send your personal ID when depositing, playing or withdrawing. The basic verification information you enter just once, is highly likely going to be the only piece of KYC data you will have to provide in order to play and cashout on Roobet.

Confidential user data required for Roobet's KYC is being treated with high safety standards on Roobet, so you do not need to worry about entering basic personal information on Roobet for verification.

KYC means 'know your customer'. It is a common process of casinos and other organisations letting their users submit personal information for age and legality verification.

Access Roobet from blocked countries

As you may have noticed, Roobet restricts access from various regions such as the USA or UK due to local regulations, even though most players and social media partners from Roobet are located in the US.

The only way to access Roobet from a blocked region is by using a VPN.

If your country is blocked from Rooobet and you are looking for a possible solution, we have covered VPN usage and country restrictions at Roobet in this blog post.

Roobet Review
Rated: 4.6

How to Deposit on Roobet

In order to deposit on the Roobet casino, simply navigate to 'Deposit' and chooe from the available deposit methods. Currently, you can fill up your Roobet balance by depositing Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Roobet deposits are instant and require only one single blockchain confirmation, which makes depositing on Roobet very fast and convenient!

Also, there have been no public cases of Roobet unrightfully withholding deposited user balance, which reflects that Roobet is a legit casino!

roobet deposit

How to Withdraw from Roobet

To withdraw money from Roobet, navigate to 'Deposit', 'Withdraw' and select your preferred crypto withdrawal method.

As of today, Roobet offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin withdrawals, which as all being processed instantly. That means that you do not have to wait for your withdrawal to be verified, since Roobet uses an automatic system that instantly sends the blockchain transaction in the moment you withdraw your funds.

You do not have to provide any personal information to cash out money on Roobet, which makes Roobet very convenient to use.

Roobet generally has no withdrawal limit, which enables you to withdraw any amounts of money without having to worry about Roobet unrightfully blocking your account, which is a known concern in the casino space.
Roobet Review
Rated: 4.7

Roobet Roowards

One great reason to choose Roobet as the go-to casino is the profitable Roowards system.

Roowards are raw crypto refills, cashbacks and bonuses that get better the more you play on Roobet, which makes it worth to play on Roobet exclusively!

With Roobet's Roowards, you are able to claim daily, weekly and monthly free crypto refills!

With our signup reward, you can instantly boost your Roowards level without wagering and instantly start earning Roowards as a new Roobet player!

claim roowards

Roobet Rain

Roobet and members of the community regularly launch free money rains in the chat, that let you claim some free balance on Roobet to try out some casino games.

A rain is a distrubution of free Roobet balance amongst all active participants.

You simply need to be online during the Roobet rain and click the 'join' button once a rain is available.

All Roobet rain participants will receive some free and raw and withdrawable crypto balance to play with!

Roobet Review
Rated: 4.9

Roobet Slots

The Roobet casino offers a wide selection of slots and live games such as Crazy Time, Blackjack and Roulette. Additionally, Roobet has one of the biggest selections of available slots, from all proviers such as Play'n GO, Push Gaming and Pragmatic.

Also, Roobet is one of the first casinos to integrate all new slots and live games by popular proviers such as Pragmatic and Push Gaming.

All slots on Roobet have a relatively high RTP with around 96.5%, which is slightly above average.

It is also worth to mention that playing slots on Roobet increases your daily, weekly and monthly amount of crypto refills you receive as part of your Roowards! This makes playing slots exclusively on Roobet highly considerable.

roobet slots


Crash is one of Roobet unique game modes: In Crash, you bet a custom amount of money that you can cash out at any time and profit by the currently displayed multiplier on the screen.

If you don't manage to cash out before the Rocket crashes, you lose your entire bet.

The crash multipler has been at tens of thousands in the past already, with many people making insane profits on Roobet!

The Roobet Crash game is also provably fair, so you do not need to worry about fairness when gambling on Roobet.

roobet crash


Another very unique game on Roobet is Towers.

At Towers, you bet a custom amount and select from three difficulties: 'Easy', 'Medium', or 'Hard'. The lower the difficulty, the lower the chance to reveal a bomb is in each stage.

In every stage of the tower, you need to reveal exactly one field.

If the field had no bomb, you receive the money displayed at the screen and level up to the next station.

If the field had a bomb hidden, you lose your initial stake and start at the bottom again.

In the gif below, the final stage of towers on 'Easy' mode was reached, resulting in a 20x multiplier.

roobet towers


Another Roobet-original is the Roulette game.

The Roobet Roulette game is self explanatory: The Bronze & Silver fields count as Black & Red (2x payout) and the Golden field counts as Green (14x payout).

As all other games, the Roobet Roulette game is provably fair and legit.

Also, Roobet's Roulette counts towards your Roowards wager, so you may bet on Red and Black at the same time to increase your Roowards with a very low risk of losing your bet.

Roobet Review
Rated: 4.6

Roobet Rating

With Roobet's instant deposit & withdrawal options, tons of slots, live games and custom casino games, Roobet really stands out in the crypto casino scene.

Roobet is a professional platform, with one of the greatest support teams and a very easy way to access online gambling with cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Roobet has beneficial player rewards and events such as the Roobet Party on Twitch and many other community events on Twitter that reward active as well as new players.

This leads to the conclusion that Roobet surely is one of the best cryptocurrency casinos to choose from in the year 2021.

If you want to try out Roobet, consider claiming your instant Roowards! 🎁

Roobet Review FAQ

What is Roobet?

Roobet is one of the fastest growing online casinos, that provides a high variety of casino games, provable fairness as well as excellent player rewards.

Is Roobet trusted?

Yes, Roobet has one of the best reputations amongst all online casinos which makes Roobet totally trusted.

Does Roobet have Verification?

In order to play on Roobet, you need only need to enter basic information. You most likely will not have to scan your ID and get verified manually.

Does Roobet have KYC?

Roobet has a soft KYC requirement, which only requires you to enter little information such as your Name and Age.

Is Roobet a scam?

No, the Roobet casino has operated legitimately for years and is based on a provably fair system which prevents Roobet from being a scam.

Is Roobet real money?

Yes, the Roobet casino mainly operates with real money in form of crypto.

Is Roobet rigged?

No, due to Roobet's transparent provably fair system Roobet cannot be rigged in any possible way.

Is Roobet legit?

Yes, Roobet is a legit and licensed cryptocurrency casino that is based on a transparent provably fair system.