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Summary Rating: 4.5 Review Summary is perhaps one of the most known original CS:GO gambling sites, which has recently made a comeback to the Crypto and CS:GO gambling scene.

On Society, you can register within just seconds and deposit with CS:GO Skins, Crypto as well as main stream payments like Visa and Paypal.

Up until this day, is known for its unique roulette game, free daily banana giveaways and a high level of establishment and trust in the online gambling community.

After knowing for several years, we will take a look at all aspects regarding playing on the new version of in this brief review. Review
Rated: 4.4 Promo Code 🎁

After signing up on via your Steam account, you can claim some free real-money banana balance to try out without a cost!

Simply navigate to the 'Free Bananas' at the middle top of, and enter the promo code 'level'. The free bananas will be credited to your account, and are withdrawable from the very beginning.

Note that your Steam account has to be of at least level 5 in order to redeem a promo code on promo code Review
Rated: 4.7

Is Legit?

Yes, is one of the most famous and trusted CS:GO gambling platforms, that integrates a provably fair system.

Given that, no outcomes on can be manipulated which makes Society a fully legitimate gambling platform.

Furthermore, has been around for many years and operated its platform successfully without any major issues that would throw a bad light on Society. Trust is without a doubt one of the most trustworthy CS:GO and Crypto gambling platform, as Society's roots reach all the way back to the first days of CS:GO gambling, without ever being associated with any shady activities.

Practically, this means that processes transactions and does not ban users arbitrarily, which is a key factor for trust and fair, legitimate gambling.

Society's high level of trust amongst its players also reflects itself in the overall positive feedback on's social media channels, as well as great Trustpilot ratings. Review
Rated: 4.9

Register on

As of today, you need a functioning Steam account in order to register an account on This is due to the reason that Society is mainly aimed towards CS:GO players.

The signup process itself only takes a few seconds, as Society uses a Steam login system, so you do not need to enter any personal information at all.

After logging in with Steam, you should add your Steam tradelink to your account by navigating to the 'Settings' tab, in order to unlock full functionality.

Verification on does not require you to enter any personal information, and in the very most cases does not require manual identity or age verifiation.

For a fact,'s official terms of service do not even state anything about verification, hence you can be pretty sure that it will not be required.

The reason why Society is not strict with KYC policies is that the platform itself does not officialy count as a casino, but rather as a loot-box-like gambling platform. Review
Rated: 4.5

Deposit on currently accepts the following deposit methods: CS:GO and Rust Skins, Cryptocurrencies, Visa, Bank Card, Paypal and Paysafecards.

In order to deposit on Society, simply navigate to 'Deposit' at the middle top.

As CS:GO skins have been trade restricted a few years ago, CS:GO skin deposits on work via a Peer-to-Peer method, that is explained in a step by step guide on Soceity's website.

The P2P deposit system works very well, as many different CS:GO platforms and marketplaces share the same pool of traders which results in transactions succeeding withing just a few minutes after submitting a deposit or withdrawal requests on platforms such as

In order to deposit skins, you need to set your trade-url, as well as your Steam API key on's settings page.

deposit on Crypto Deposits

In order to deposit cryptocurrencies on, simply select the tile that includes crypto icons at Soceity's deposit section, which will redirect you to 3rd party payment processor.

Here, you can select the option 'Crypto Payment' at the bottom left in order to process your Soceity deposit with crypto and without having to enter any personal information.

deposit crypto

Withdraw From

As of now, you can exclusively withdraw CS:GO skins from, as crypto withdrawals have not been added yet.

In order to withdraw CS:GO skins, simply go to 'Withdraw' and select the skins you'd like to withdraw. CS:GO skin withdrawals on Society are instant, which is very convenient considering that trading CS:GO skins has become quite difficult.

After cashing out CS:GO skins on, one can still convert them to cryptocurrencies or PayPal balance on several CS:GO skin marketplaces, which makes CS:GO skins a suitable alternative to crypto withdrawals in case one is willing to wait for the CS:GO skin trade restriction to expire. Review
Rated: 4.0 Facuet has a facuet system which rewards you with free bananas every single day, depending on your level.

In order to be eligible for the daily free banana facuet on, you will need to add '' to your Steam username.

These free banana balance refills make it considerably worth to climb the level system on for a bit, which then allows you to continously claim a decent amount of free money every single day. facuet Review
Rated: 4.3 Bust

The most original game that most individuals associate with is the Wheel game called 'Bust' with its iconic Ape themed design. was one of the first sites to ever introduce this type of gambling game, and has done a great job at creating a timelessly fun game mode.

Soceity's Wheel of Fortune is self-explanatory: Players bet on one or multiple colors, and receive the field's according payout in case the color gets rolled.

Just as all other gamemodes on, the Wheel game is provably fair, which enables you to transparently verify all generated outomes, which speaks for Society's legitimacy. bust Review
Rated: 4.5

Rating of

For everyone looking to re-visit original CS:GO gambling platforms and gamble their CS:GO skins or Crypto in a unique manner, surely is a good option.

Even though does not offer too many gamemodes and withdrawal options, the iconic Wheel game is extremely fun, and deposits & withdrawals work extremely well, which makes playing on still worth it.

Especially since maintained its unique traditions of letting players calim free bananas daily, and posting free promo codes every single day on their social media, makes it to the top tier list of CS:GO gambling sites in 2022. Review FAQ

What is is a unique CS:GO gambling platform that initially became popular due to its original gamemode called 'Bust'.

Is legit?

Without a doubt, is a highly trusted and legitimate CS:GO gambling platform.