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Stake Review
Stake Rating: 4.7

Stake Casino Review Summary

Stake is one of the most famous cryptocurrency casinos with remarkably unique and professional games as well as excellent player rewards, which make Stake stand out in the online casino space.

It is very easy to get started on Stake, as the Stake casino has no mendatory verification system, as well as instant deposits and withdrawals.

A main factor for Stake's popularity is the amazing VIP system which rewards active players on the Stake in many ways, as well as the overall high RTP on Stake's games.

After playing on Stake for multiple years, we will present you a detailed overview of the most important features and terms on Stake that you need to know before signing up on Stake in the following brief review.

Stake Review
Rated: 4.0

Stake Casino VIP rewards ✨

What makes the Stake casino stand out the most in the casino scene is the incredibly rewarding VIP system.

Stake's VIP levels reach from Bronze to Diamond. The more you play on Stake, the higher your VIP level is which results in higher crypto rewards.

Starting with Bronze, you get to claim lifetime crypto cashbacks as well as weekly & monthly bonuses!

With higher levels, such as Platinum or Diamond, you even receive a personal VIP host who regularly provides you great VIP rewards such as balance refills or exclusive bonuses.

You can instantly start farming refills after signing up on Stake once you reach the Bronze level!

stake vip
Stake Review
Rated: 5.0

Is Stake Casino legit?

Yes, Stake is a legit and licensed cryptocurrency casino with probably the best reputation in the online casino scene as of today.

All game outcomes on Stake can be verified at the Provably Fair section, which lets you ensure that all outcomes were generated randomly and haven't been tampered with. This ensures that Stake is not rigged, which is a key factor for legitimate online gambling.

Hence Stake is totally legit and safe to use.

Additionally, Stake has not been publicly associated with any malicious activity, which makes Stake one of the most trusted casinos.

For example, Stake lets you withdraw and deposit any amount of money without restrictions, which shows that the Stake casino is highly professional and completely legitimate.

Is Stake Casino trusted?

Yes, Stake is one of the most trusted online casinos due to its provably fair system and great reputation that Sake has gained throughout the past few years.

What gained Stake lots of trust their high respect for fair gambling since the very beginning. Stake is an official member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, which is a key factor for fair gambling and ensures Stakes legitimacy and trustworthiness.

This means that Stake cannot rig any games the casino is coupled to the previously mentioned provably fair system, which would let you expose Stake easily in case they would rig an outcome.

Furthermore Stake has proven itself as a professional, user-oriented and transparent casino, as there hasn't been any cases of Stake unrightfully withholding user balances or unfairly banning users, which lets you fully trust Stake with your deposited funds.

Stake Review
Rated: 5.0

Does Stake Casino have KYC?

You can deposit, play and cashout on the Stake casino without having to provide any personal KYC information for verification in most cases.

Since Stake is a cryptocurrency casino without mandatory KYC, this means that anonymous and instant gambling is super easy on Stake without having to go through a complicated verification procedure!

Although, as every other licensed casino, Stake reserves the right to ask you to verify yourself at any time, so do not play on Stake unless you are of legal age!

In most cases, verification is only required in case a user withdraws uncommonly high amounts or shows any other kind of suspicious behavior.

Access Stake Casino from USA

As Stake restricts access from various regions such as the USA or UK, many users from these regions access Stake by using a VPN.

Since VPN usage is not explicitly mentioned in Stake's terms of service, you can conclude that using a VPN on Stake should be tolerated.

We wrote an article about country restrictions and VPN usage on Stake if you're looking for more information about country restrictions on Stake.

Stake Review
Rated: 4.7

How to deposit on Stake Casino

In order to deposit money on Stake, navigate to 'Wallet', 'Deposit' and select the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Stake accepts the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tron and EOS.

Depositing cryptocurrencies on Stake only requires 1 or a few confirmations, depending on the Blockchain. Hence, deposits on Stake are almost instant and super convenient!

Furthermore, depositing money on Stake most likely does not require you to enter any personal information!

deposit on stake

Stake Casino Visa Deposit

In case you have no cryptocurrencies, Stake lets you buy crypto via MoonPay directly in the deposit option. This way, you can purchase cryptocurrencies with mainstream payment methods such as Googlepay, Applepay, Visa, MasterCard & Debit Card directly on the Stake casino!

You can simply copy/paste your Stake deposit address into MoonPay, pay with your preferred method and MoonPay will automatically send the cryptocurrencies to your pasted Stake deposit address! This way, you do not have to manage cryptocurrencies yourself, as you can instantly buy and sell using MoonPay.

stake deposit with visa

How to withdraw from Stake Casino

To withdraw your balance from Stake, navigate to 'Wallet', switch to 'Withdraw' and select the currency that you would like to withdraw.

Withdrawals on Stake are instantly sent after you confirm your cashout as there is no manual confirmation, no matter how big the withdrawal amount is!

Just as Stake's deposits, withdrawals require no personal data in order to be processed, since Stake operated with cryptocurrencies.

It is important to remember that Stake only lets you cashout the same cryptocurrency that you've initially deposited.

Also, for some cryptocurrencies that have expensive transaction fees, Stake requires you to withdraw a certain minimum amount in order for the transaction to be processed. In most cases, this is around $25-50.

withdraw from stake
Stake Review
Rated: 4.5

Stake Casino Rewards

The Stake Casino shares a percentage of all total earnings by rewarding its' active players in numerous ways.

Besides Stake's VIP rewards, players on Stake get regurarly claim rakebacks as well as VIP refills that reward players who actively play on the Stake casino.

While Rakebacks only reward active players, one can also claim daily, weekly and monthly reloads without the necessity to wager money.

stake casino rewards

Stake Casino Giveaways

Another way to receive rewards in proportion to your engagement on the Stake casino are Stake's Giveaways.

The Stake Casino regulrarly gives away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to all players who claimed themselves some tickets within the giveaway period.

By wagering $1000 on any Stake game you receive 1 ticket for the current giveaway. The winning tickets are all being raffeled transparently live on the Stake Eddies's stream.

stake giveaways
Stake Review
Rated: 5.0

Stake Casino Slots

Stake has one of the biggest selection of slots and live games in the online casino market. With over 1000 slots and 30 providers, you will find every single game that you could think of on Stake.

Something that makes Stake stand out is their high RTP on slot games, while a higher RTP means that you have a higher chance to make profit at slots. Most of the slots on Stake have an RTP of 97%.

You can check the RTP of every single slot on Stake by clicking the 'i' icon on the bottom right of a slot's thumbnail.

stake casino slots

Stake Casino Live Games

To round up Stake's collection of games, Stake provides all live games you could possibly think of, including Crazy Time, Blackjack, Roulette, Monopoly and Baccarat.

All live games can be played with any deposit option and all live game wagers count towards your VIP level.

Another thing to point out is that Stake is one of the very few casinos that has exclusive access to pre releases of popular live games such as Crazy Time and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt before any other online casino does!

stake live games

Stake Casino Originals

Unless many other online casinos, Stake provides both external casino games such as slots and live games as well as unique Stake originals like Keno, Dice, Blackjack and Crash.

Stake's original games have a very high quality design which makes them extremely fun to play! Especially Keno, Mines and Plinko provide a very unique gambling experience and are something completely different compared to traditional slots.

All Stake casino originals are based on a provably fair system which allows you to confirm the fairness every single game transparently. To learn more about provably fair, visit Stake's provably fair section.

Check out our Stake Dice Strategy review if you are looking for a good Stake dice strategy!

stake games

Stake Keno

Keno is one of Stake's unique game modes. Keno is very comparable to the classic lottery game: You choose an arbitrary amount of numbers and pay a bet amount to roll 10 random numbers. If your numbers are amongst these 10 randomly selected numbers, you get profit depending on the risk-level you set and the amount of numbers you hit.

By using Stake's auto-bet feature you can play Keno with all sorts of strategies by applying the specific auto-bet options and conditions.

stake keno

Stake Casino Plinko

Stake's Plinko game mode has gained great popularity throughout the past few months. In Plinko you pay a chosen amount of money to release a ball which drops down to Plinko wall and lands on a field with the multiplier that will be paid out.

With a high risk-level you can win up to a 1000x multiplier on the Stake Plinko game! Since you can choose between different risk-levels and amount of rows, there are multiple different strategies that you can apply to the Plinko game on Stake.

As any other game on the Stake casino, Plinko has auto-bet option which lets you play with a gambling strategy as well as a provably fair system which lets you confirm the fairness of Plinko.

stake plinko

Is Stake Plinko rigged?

Because of the recently rising popularity of the Plinko game caused by certain streamers such as TrainwrecksTV, the question arose, whether Stake's Plinko game could be rigged, as it is extremely hard to hit the 1000x multiplier on the Plinko game.

The shortest answer to this concern is no, as every single game of the Stake casino implements a provably fair system, including Plinko.

The reason why Stake's Plinko game may seem rigged is it's high volatility. Even though Plinko has an RTP of around 99%, the volatility on the highest risk level is so high, that it takes thousands of bets, if not more, to fully make use of the RTP.

The following exaggerated mathematical analogy shows why Plinko has an RTP of 99% even though it's so hard to hit a 1000x on Plinko:

Assuming a game with a required stake of $100 has a 0.0001% chance of hitting $1000000, and a 99.999% chance of hitting nothing, the expected return to player would mathematically still equal to µ=$100, which is equivalent to an RTP of 100%. In reality though, barely any player would ever hit that win which is responsible for the entire game's RTP.

Stake Review
Rated: 4.7

Stake Casino Rating

Stake offers very high quality gambling, including original games with a high RTP, live support, instant deposits and no required verification as well as an an excellent VIP system.

Additionally, Stake has an excellent trust-score as Stake has proven itself as of the most legitimate and trusted companies in the crypto gambling space.

Accordingly, the Stake casino has become the go-to online casino for most gamblers who like to be rewarded for gambling and ensure that the games they play are totally legitimate.

Stake always comes up with new ways to reward players which makes Stake the perfect casino to play on exclusively.

Hence, Stake is definitely one of the best and most trusted crypto currency casino in 2021!

You can sign up on Stake and instantly start farming VIP rewards! ✨

Stake Casino Review FAQ

What is Stake Casino?

Stake is a legitimate and trusted online casino with one of the most profitable player rewards and excellent casino games which gained Stake a lot of popularity in 2021.

Is Stake Casino legit?

Yes, Stake is a licensed and legit online casino with a valid Provably Fair system. Stake has operated legitimately for years and is totally safe and trusted.

Does Stake have KYC?

No, most likely you can deposit, play and cashout on Stake without providing personal information for verification. Although, keep in mind that Stakes reserves the right to ask you to verify yourself at any time!

Is Stake Casino real money?

Yes, all money on Stake is real balance that can be withdrawn to a crypto currency wallet. Although, some content creators may have deals that limit the amount of withdrawable balance.

Is Stake rigged?

No, Stake cannot be rigged because all games on Stake are based on a transparent Provably Fair system that lets you ensure their legitimacy.

Can you play on Stake Casino in Canada?

According to Stake's current terms of service, players form Canada are allowed to play on Stake. Ensure to read Stake's up to date ToS to ensure that you do not break their terms when playing form Canada.

Is Stake Casino allowed in the US?

Since most states in the US disallow online casinos, Stake is not accessible from the US without a VPN.

Is Stake Casino trusted?

Yes, Stake is a trusted and established online casino with an exemplary Provably Fair system as well as an excellent live support.