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Hypedrop Review


Final Hypedrop Rating: 4.7

Hypedrop Review Summary

Hypedrop combines the fun of opening loot boxes with real-world prizes, which brings loot box openings to a whole new level since you can now claim your opened prizes and get them shipped straight to your home.

There are thousands of items and cases with various odds on Hypedrop and there are new cases and features constantly being added that make Hypedrop stand out in the case-opening space.

Signing up on Hypedrop is extremely easy as Hypedrop has no manual verification process as well as instant deposits via crypto currencies or Credit Card.

You can deposit with either crypto currencies or your credit card and start opening cases or playing case battles right away.

We have tested Hypedrop extensively and will present our notes in this brief review.

Hypedrop Review


Rated: 5.0

Hypedrop Free Cases

After signing up on Hypedrop you can open 3 cases for absolutely free that include real, withdrawable items.

In order to open your 3 cases, simply sign up here on Hypedrop and click on 'Claim Now'.

If you have an account already, you can try claiming the 3 free boxes at Hypedrop's bonus section.

You can sign up instantly on Hypedrop using your Google, Facebook or Steam account and start playing without manual KYC verification!

You may be required to add and confirm your email first and then navigate to Hypedrop's bonus section again in order to claim your free chests. Also, in case you signed in with Steam, your Steam account has to be public and at least level 5 to be eligible for the Hypedrop bonus.
hypedrop deposit bonus

Hypedrop Deposit Bonus

By using the promo code 'reward' at Hypedrop's deposit section, you can activate a 5% deposit bonus on all your Hypedrop deposits.

This Hypedrop deposit bonus is raw, which means that you gain a real balance gift on every single deposit without having to wager more than usual.

Always using a Hypedrop deposit bonus is crutial in order to maximize your profit potential with your available balance. Hypedrop's deposit bonus is really great, considering that you can use it on every single deposit an the RTP on Hypedrop is decent overall.

hypedrop deposit bonus
Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.7

Is Hypedrop legit?

Yes, Hypedrop is a legit loot box opening platform with a valid Provably Fair system and a high level of trust.

The odds as well as the legitimacy of Hypedrop can be transparently validated at the Provably Fair section when playing on Hypedrop. This gives you the confidence that Hypedrop cannot not rig or manipulate it's games to its favor, which makes Hypedrop a legitimate and trusted platform.

Furthermore, the company behind Hypedrop has a remarkable reputation since it operates a popular CS:GO gambling site called CSGORoll for a long time without ever being involved in any malicious activities.

Hypedrop processes and ships all withdrawals, no matter how expensive those items are, and does not block users who win a lot of prizes which reflects Hypedrop's legitimacy and trust.

Is Hypedrop Trusted?

Based on our research and experience with Hypedrop, we can safely say that Hypedrop is a trusted platform, that is being run by a legitimate company with a good reputation.

Hypedrop has never been associated with any malicious activities, which speaks for Hypedrop as a legitimate platform.

You can trust Hypedrop with your deposited money, as Hypedrop ships all withdrawn items and never blocks players for cashing out too much.

Hypedrop has proven itself to be a legitimate and trusted platform with a large base of players who enjoy playing on Hypedrop.

Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.8

Who can play on Hypedrop?

Since Hypedrop is not a casino, players from every region in the world are technically allowed to play on Hypedrop!

The only requirement is that players on Hypedrop have to be least 18 years old.

Although, it is important to mention that currently Hypedrop only supports shipping to countries in North America and Europe.

If you are located in a country outsides of Europe and North America, you still have the option with cashout the value of your items in form of crypto currencies, which you can then exchange for real money.

Does Hypedrop have KYC?

No, in the very most cases Hypedrop will not ask you to verify your identity. This means that you can sign up, play and withdraw on Hypedrop without having to go through a KYC verification procedure.

Without a obligatory KYC, it is very easy to get started playing on Hypedrop, since you can sign up instantly via Steam, Google, or Facebook and get started playing right away!

KYC verification on Hypedrop is usually only required if you show any kind of suspicious behavior, or if you're being suspected of being underage.

Remember that even though Hypedrop rarely asks for KYC verification, they reserve the right to ask you to verify your identity at any given time.
Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.8

How to deposit on Hypedrop

In order to deposit on Hypedrop, navigate to the deposit section by clicking on the green '+' icon at the top navigation header.

Here, you can choose between several deposit methods to top up your balance on Hypedrop, which may differ depending on the region you are from.

As of today, you can deposit money via crypto currencies, PayPal, Visa or Mastercard on Hypedrop.

Deposit transactions on Hypedrop are being processed very quickly, which allows you to start playing on Hypedrop right after signing up without having to wait for your transactions to be processed.

In the future, Hypedrop plans to integrate more popular deposit methods such as crypto currencies, which allow you to gamble anonymously!

deposit on hypedrop

How to withdraw from Hypedrop

In order to withdraw items you won in Hypedrop, navigate to your inventory and select the items you wish to withdraw.

You have the option to either withdraw crypto currencies, or get your items shipped to your address if you are located in North America or Europe.

In case you want to get your prizes shipped, all you need to do is enter your address in your profile-section, select the items you would like to get shipped at and follow the instructions shown on the page.

Hypedrop ships all requested withdrawals very quickly, which can be seen on numerous social media posts from people who have played on Hypedrop.

Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.3

Hypedrop Free Case

You can open a free case with real and withdrawable prizes on Hypedrop every single day.

The higher your level on Hypedrop is, the better are the prizes of your free case. You gain level points by opening crates on Hypedrop, so it's worth to be active on Hypedrop.

Also, Hypedrop often drops promo-codes on their social media, which let you open additional free cases with great prizes.

The prizes of these free drops are pretty good, and numerous players have already unboxed valuable items such as Playstation 5's out of them, which makes it worth to play on Hypedrop over other competitors.

Feel free to sign up on Hypedrop and try your luck! 🍀

hypedrop bonus
Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.8

Hypedrop Cases

There tons of cases with items ranging from electronics to apparel available to be opened on Hypedrop.

All cases have a different theme and set of items, as well as different prices and odds: For example, some cases are cheaper, but have a lower chance of hitting a specific item than a more expensive case.

All cases on Hypedrop are implemented using a Provably Fair system, which lets you verify that all cases on Hypedrop are legit and not manipulated.

Even though the current selection of cases is interesting enough, you will soon most likely be able to create your own cases with custom odds on Hypedrop!

If you want to try out Hypedrop, you can sign up and claim our gift of 3 free real-money cases!

hypedrop cases

Hypedrop Case Battles

Additionally to the classic way of opening Cases on Hypedrop, you can now battle against other players by playing Hypedrop's Case Battle game.

In Case Battles, multiple players open cases against each other, and the player who opened the most valuable items wins them all.

Currently, you can only play against one other player, but more variants of Case Battles with more players and more options are coming to Hypedrop very soon.

Case Battles on Hypedrop are especially a fun way of opening cases on Hypedrop since battling against other players is very tense as outcomes are often very close.

hypedrop case battles
Hypedrop Review


Rated: 4.7

Hypedrop Rating

Hypedrop offers an incredibly fun way of opening loot boxes online and is constantly adding new features and growing in popularity, as more and more playing start to appreciate Hypedrop's fun games.

From what we've seen so far, Hypedrop is a legitimate platform and ships all withdrawn items quickly, which lets us recommend Hypedrop to everyone who is looking for a legit IRL loot box opening site.

On the current market, Hypedrop is by far the best site to open loot boxes due to the reasons named in this review. No other loot opening site offers such high quality service and playing experience as Hypedrop.

Combined with Hypedrop's high trust score and good reputation, Hypedrop definitely is the go-to legit platform to open loot crates in 2021!

You can sign up on Hypedrop instantly and benefit from a lifetime 5% deposit bonus, as well as 3 free cases! 📦

Hypedrop FAQ

Is Hypedrop legit?

Yes, Hypedrop is a legit loot box opening platform with a transparent Provably Fair system.

What is Hypedrop?

Hypedrop is a new loot crate opening site that lets you open boxes containing real-world prizes like sneakers or electronics that you can ship to your address.

Does Hypedrop have KYC?

No, in the most cases Hypedrop will not ask you to verify your identity.

Can you deposit PayPal on Hypedrop?

Yes, Hypedrop lets you deposit funds via PayPal without any problems.

Is Hypedrop rigged?

No, Hypedrop cannot be rigged or manipulated because all cases are probably fair.

Is Hypedrop real money?

Yes, all cases on Hypedrop are opened by paying real money.

Is Hypedrop trusted?

Yes, Hypedrop ships all withdrawn items within a short period of time and overall has gained lots of trust.